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[opensuse-packaging] Packages that need a new maintainer
some of my packages are urgently in need o fa loving hand. Some already
have found a new home, but those probably also can benefit from a
helpful co-maintainer. Some are not very useful IMHO and good
candidates for dropping, but maybe someone thinks differently and wants
to maintain them.

Here we go:

Package | drop? |Notes
acpid | probably | low maintenance effort
brlemu | no | very low effort
comgt | yes | not really useful anymore
cpufrequtils | yes | not really needed
libdaemon | no | ifplugd needs this. low effort
ifplugd | no | network without NM needs this, low effort
kqemu-kmp | yes | everybody has VT capable processors anyway ;)
laptop-mode-tools | no |
leafnode | yes | anybody using this? not me. Low effort, though
libebml | yes | needed by mkvtoolnix
libmatroska | yes | needed by mkvtoolnix
mkvtoolnix | yes | easy to maintain, but I don't use it
libsynaptics | yes
libx86 | no | needed by suspend and vbetool
mailsync | yes | anybody using this?
ozerocdoff | yes | the kernel now should do this AFAIK
pm-utils | no | need some amount of love to sync with upstream
radeontool | yes | nobody should use it anyway
rovclock | yes | see radeontool
suspend | no | needed for s2ram, s2disk
tuxcursors | yes | but I'll keep them in my home project ;)
umtsmon | no | should be obsoleted by NM since years
usb_modeswitch | yes | see ozerocdoff
vbetool | yes | see radeontool

Those have already found new maintainers, but surely could benefit from
active co-maintainership:
(maintained by Vladimir Botka, vbotka):
bluez | no | active upstream, but easy to maintain
bluez-firmware | no | see bluez
bluez-hcidump | no | see bluez-firmware

(maintained by Matthias Hopf, mopf)
lablgtk2 | no | needed by unison, needs some packaging cleanup
unison | no | useful, not too much effort


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