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Re: [opensuse-packaging] Communication problem within packagers
  • From: David Haller <opensuse@xxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Tue, 18 Aug 2009 06:26:35 +0200
  • Message-id: <20090818042635.GA20547@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Hello Richard,

On Mon, 17 Aug 2009, Richard Guenther wrote:
On Mon, 17 Aug 2009, Sebastian Siebert wrote:
On this note we need a simple communication platform for packager like
Wiki-pages or something like that. On this platform every packager see
which package depends with other package and can easily consulte the
other packager or inform of a upcoming update of sub-package.
If you are aware about a problem in boost 1.39 and you depend on boost
you should notify the packager of boost of this problem, for example
by filing a bugreport. If you do this in advance then this situation
may be avoided.

Am I prescient? The boost-packager probably get's the new version
first (that's his job, so to speak).

I see no other way the situation can be improved.

It's more about being able to look up "who might get hit by an

Something like being able to notify dependent packagers... The deps
are all there. Being able to send a message like

"Hey all you guys that use this package, I'm gonna update to
version x.y.z. Be prepared. This update may be tricky.
Digestive-end-products might hit the air-moving-device. Set your
OBS-builds to disabled, run a testbuild with only one of them, or
preferrably a local build, once the update's done. File a bug as
usual to ... if the testbuild fails."

to all packagers of dependent packages (and only those), would be
quite nice to have.

E.g. packagers could set their build to disabled until the build of
the dependance is through, grab that package locally and do a local
testbuild (or one OBS build) -- before hitting the OBS with (possibly)
a "wave" of doomed-to-fail builds.

Sure, dependant packagers can file bugs after the SHF. But possibly,
by then tons of packages are "Failed", having uselessly blocked the
OBS. It'd just be nice to be able to notify and/or to communicate
_before_ the fact. A Wiki or whatever would be just one way to
document the dependencies. I myself'd love to have a "packages
depending on this package" in osc/the WebUI. And a "notify dependant

Really nice would be an option, that packagers could set:

[X] disable this build if a dependend on package is set to "may break"
(or whatever one might call that state), or if the packager of the
depended-on package notifies dependant package(r)s [about a
pending update], and notify me that I/we should watch it / look
into it.

(that could be split into more options, it's just about the concept now)

For packagers of glibc, gcc, kernel etc., like you, AFAIK, this
feature'd be rather irrelevant (what package does _not_ require one of
those?), but for the bulk of packages, and esp. the more exotic
libraries, that have much fewer "users" / dependant packagers, it'd be

Oh, and consider the scenario of someone getting tired of building
something. How's he to know who uses his packages?

And, BTW: I don't know what you package, but there are a lot of
"broken" upstream-packages out there, where we lowly packagers do have
to fight hard to blend / bend / break them into a sane openSUSE
system. And not all of us are as well versed as you with the OBS, with
.spec, with the various build-tools (autotools is actually the least
painful, in my experience), with good old "plain" GNU make, ...

Sascha and I sure could use help on bending 'freemedforms' into shape,
you are herewith invited to join the effort (warning: it uses qmake
and far too many build-path- and binary-path derived paths, hardcoded
into the binary or somesuch... Fun! Not!

-dnh, and that's me talking, building RPMs for his own system and no
profit, for about 8-9 years, blending / bending / breaking them to
fit his - as of the 16th - now officially 10 year old

dh@slarty[5]: ~ (0)$ uname -r
dh@slarty[5]: ~ (0)$ perl -v | grep built
This is perl, v5.10.0 built for i686-linux-thread-multi-64int-ld
dh@slarty[5]: ~/OTR (0)$ rpm -qa --last | headntail -1
qv-0.9.1-1 Thu 30 Jul 2009 04:02:15
bc-1.04-74 Mon 16 Aug 1999 07:19:26
dh@slarty[5]: ~ (0)$ cat /etc/SuSE-release
SuSE Linux 6.2 (i386)

Go figure.

Yes, most of the system belongs to some .rpm or other. I think I
can claim the belt of the 42nd-dan of rpm or something like that.
I don't just sit in the ivory tower of the OBS, only using the
current openSUSE or Factory.

(and if that is or seems derogatory of you, feel free to write
(via PM or here) or flame me (via PM). I'd love to know more about
what you do at SuSE). IIRC we already had some discussion about
gcc stuff (moderated by/via pth).

[0] I actually did install it a bit before, but had to reinstall
quite a lot, and none of the older packages survived that. Files
in /etc/ imply July 23rd 1999 as installation date, e.g.
ltrace.conf, at.deny, arenarc~, aliases.susenew, auto.misc,
lmhosts, sshd.config~, conf.modules.orig, login.defs.orig.o ...
/etc/permissions~ and 2 others even imply July 20th ;)

"All mushrooms are edible. However, some of them only once" -- Ino!~
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