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[opensuse-packaging] Communication problem within packagers
  • From: Sebastian Siebert <freespacer@xxxxxx>
  • Date: Mon, 17 Aug 2009 17:12:59 +0200
  • Message-id: <4A89737B.3090406@xxxxxx>

At first I'm a maintainer of PokerTH for packaging on openSUSE systems.
I want to discuss with you a simple problem.

Unfortunately I see a problem with a bad consultation between you and me
as packager with dependet package in OBS. In my case the package PokerTH
needs boost package. Any time the boost package was updated from 1.38 to
1.39. The Upstream from PokerTH know about a established problem in
boost 1.39, so the new library let crash the PokerTH-Server. For my case
I have to consult the boost packager for patching the boost package. The
patching is a least problem. The biggest problem is the nonconsultation
with all of packager of dependet packages before any update of the
dependet packages. The maintainer of package (e.g. boost) is completely
blind to me as packager (PokerTH), but backwards I know which package
depend on other sub-packages.

This communication order isn't a problem e.g.:
Package PokerTH -> Package boost -> Package glibc
Package Wesnoth -> Package boost -> Package glibc

In this case all packages are completely blind afterwards e.g.:
Package glibc -> Package boost -> Package PokerTH
Package glibc -> Package boost -> Package Wesnoth

This example isn't only for boost, but also other dependet packages.
I think, all other packagers have the same problem.

On this note we need a simple communication platform for packager like
Wiki-pages or something like that. On this platform every packager see
which package depends with other package and can easily consulte the
other packager or inform of a upcoming update of sub-package. In this
case we have a chance to discuss about potential bugs, incompatiblity
and so on. I wish more communication with packager from dependet

What do you think about this situation?
How we can change this situation?


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