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Re: [opensuse-packaging] as-needed
  • From: "Luke Imhoff" <luke@xxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sat, 20 Jun 2009 12:07:20 -0500
  • Message-id: <427E7FAD-A947-40D5-B076-AF1D2FCCA683@xxxxxxxx>
I actually wrote a list command that would list all packages that link to a given package. We use it for our local OBS to list under which project/package pairs that the developer could build a given package's source (in Subversion). The tool is built on top of osc and I believe I had to add an additional API to the server too to return the linking packages. It works for direct and indirect links by calling the API recursively. I could submit a patch if this would interest the community.

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On Jun 19, 2009, at 4:51 PM, "Cristian Morales Vega" <cmorve69@xxxxxxxx> wrote:

2009/6/19 Thorsten Kukuk <kukuk@xxxxxxx>:
On Fri, Jun 19, Dirk Müller wrote:

On Friday 19 June 2009, Stephan Kulow wrote:

I just submitted 89 packages with a simple export SUSE_ASNEEDED=0
in the section that fails (mostly %build, but sometimes %install, sometimes
both). All these 89 packages only had a _link in their devel project, so
I dared to push it right away to O:F not to waste time.

But this is only because last night the devel project was changed of
most of this packages (at least for all of my one).

Great, how should I resolve conflicts with other community members that just
fixed as-needed build when I can not decline or revoke your submitreq?

Yes, I have now three different fixes for my package, too.
Bad coordinated.

An option to see the branches to a package would help here. I just
looked to my SR... both I and Cristian Rodriguez submitted a patch
against apparmor-dbus.
The thing is that when creating the patch I checked that it was still
not fixed, but perhaps at that time Rodriguez already had created his
branch... but I had no way to see that. Since before submitting the
fix I wait for the BS to built it (and build locally, but only for one
arch...), and that can take a lot, there is a big time window in which
more people can create new branches to fix the same thing.
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