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Re: [opensuse-packaging] Desktop categories: mismatch in brp-desktop and rpmlint
  • From: David Bolt <bcrafhfr-cnpxntvat@xxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sat, 7 Feb 2009 00:13:01 +0000
  • Message-id: <CKZy5aFNINjJFwWk@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
On Mon, 26 Jan 2009, Stephan Kulow wrote:-


It's not the same. rpmlint checks if the .desktop file is correct according to
the xdg standard (e.g. lists only valid categories).

brp-desktop checks if the desktop file will map to one of our menu structures.
And according to /etc/xdg/menus/ the category is
X-SuSE-Core-Multimedia, but AudiVideo already maps there.

I get the same error for a package I'm trying to build on 11.1. The
package I'm building isn't yet on the build service, as I want to make
sure it builds locally before moving it to the build service. The error
I've receiving is the same "No sufficient Category definition" even
though the category is the same one as used as the example for Education


The desktop file is as follows:

[Desktop Entry]
GenericName=Solar eclipse finder

And I have no idea what to do to make it pass the desktop file check.
Any suggestions would be appreciated.

David Bolt

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