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[opensuse-packaging] [ANN] New packages of Tidy and W3C Markup Validator available
  • From: "Sierk Bornemann" <sierkb@xxxxxx>
  • Date: Fri, 28 Nov 2008 13:22:24 +0100
  • Message-id: <20081128122224.28120@xxxxxxx>
Hi all!

Several days ago, I have packaged new packages of tidy and w3c-markup-validator
via the openSUSE Build Service to be in sync with the most recent release state
of their original project.

They are available via and .

The Build Service has had, for whatever reason, difficulties, to successfully
finish building the packages for Factory Builds (SUSE_Linux_Factory). Please
take a look at it, why these Factory Builds can't be built and saved
successfully (they build, but while finishing and saving the RPMs, the build
process stops for a reason unknown to me).

I would be glad to see these packages being updated in the upcoming openSUSE
11.1 (the tidy packages in the official openSUSE 11.0 haven't been updated for
whatever reason since a long time, although the Build Service provides the
newest tidy packages maintained and regulary updated by me).

Tidy note:
there does NOT exist an official release version of tidy. The most recent CVS
HEAD version always is the most recent stable version. The official version
string of tidy is a date string in tidy/src/version.h. That's why I name the
tidy packages with two dates: the official date string of tidy/src/version.h
and the date string of my CVS checkout. Because the date string in
tidy/src/version.h only changes from time to time, when there have been core
changes to the TidyLib. But not all changes in the sources of Tidy concern such
core changes, often there are changes in the tidy project's environment, and
the version string in tidy/src/version.h remains untouched. That's why I name
the tidy packages for openSUSE with *both* date strings. I have had a little
email correspondence with one of the tidy developers some month ago, and he
told me about that versionning. He told me officially, that Tidy has no
official versionning, that therefore there exists a version/date string in /ti
dy/src/version.h (currently this is: static const char TY_(release_date)[] =
"14 October 2008";), and that because auf that, we are free to name and version
the resulting RPM packages to our needs.

W3C Markup Validator note:

Sierk Bornemann
Sierk Bornemann

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