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[opensuse-packaging] Dependencies between packages and their YaST module (was: Re: [opensuse-factory] Yast improvment ide?)
  • From: Christian Boltz <opensuse@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sun, 7 Sep 2008 22:30:34 +0200
  • Message-id: <200809072230.35335@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

on Samstag, 6. September 2008, Wolfgang Woehl wrote:
ps: Why is the httpd module not pulled in when I install apache?

Because the apache package does not have
Recommends: yast2-http-server
in its specfile.

The other way round is also possible: add
Supplements: apache2
to the yast2-http-server package.

(Open a bugreport and it might be added ;-)

This would be useful for every YaST module, so maybe it {c,sh}ould be
made a general policy:
- "If there is a YaST module for a package, the package should recommend
it" - or -
- "each YaST module should have a Suplements: for the package it
This might even be the better solution because it is easier to check
("each YaST package must have at least one Supplements: statement")

I'm cross-posting this mail to the opensuse-packaging mailinglist
because packaging policies are better fitted there. Please answer only
to the -packaging mailinglist if possible.

(Packagers, do you like the above proposal?)


Christian Boltz
"GNU is not Linux - Linux has a kernel that boots" [Chris Thompson]
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