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[opensuse-packaging] openSUSE extensions to categories for desktop files
  • From: Vincent Untz <vuntz@xxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 30 Apr 2008 17:51:40 +0200
  • Message-id: <20080430155140.GY15432@xxxxxxxxx>

Here's a list of categories that are listed in our package conventions
[1] but that are not in the fd.o spec [2]. Here's an attemps to fix this
by either using a fd.o category or trying to push the unregistered
category to fd.o.


* Design: not quite sure. I guess it's for UML tools (and other similar
tools). Nothing really matching here in fd.o. Send upstream?
* School: what's the use case here?
* Teaching — obsoletes X-KDE-Edu-Teaching: any example of application
where this would be useful?
* 3DGame: is this really needed?
* FirstPersonGame: redundant with ActionGame? Or register it?
* PlatformGame: not sure, but I'd say redundant with ActionGame or
* PuzzleGame: redundant with LogicGame?
* Photograph: use the fd.o Photography category instead (could have
been a typo)
* CD: don't know. A better name would be Disc, I guess. We might want
to register it, although I'm not convinced it's that useful.
* Jukebox: redundant with Player?
* Warehouse: is it useful?
* DesktopUtility: I guess it's used to list utilities with the Utility
category but that don't go anywhere else. I'm not fond of it, it
sounds like a workaround for the way the menu is built. We could
handle this in the .menu file instead
* PrintingUtility: use Printing instead?
* SyncUtility: makes sense to have Synchronization registered, I
* TimeUtility: what's the use case?
* WebUtility: what's the use case?
* XMLUtility: is it really needed?
* Backup: isn't Archiving enough?
* SystemSetup: sounds like "System;Settings;" to me. Shouldn't we use
that instead?

FWIW, I looked at a beta 1 install, with GNOME, KDE3 and KDE4 (but not
all packages installed, so it's obviously not a perfect test):

+ I can't find any desktop file using Design, School, Teaching, 3DGame,
FirstPersonGame, PlatformGame, PuzzleGame, Photograph, Jukebox,
Warehouse, Backup, XMLUtility, WebUtility, TimeUtility
+ some desktop files already use Photography
+ X-SuSE-CD is used by kscd and kaudiocreator
+ X-SuSE-SyncUtility is used by kpilot, kitchensync, kpilot
+ X-SuSE-PrintingUtility is used by gnome-cups-manager, cups,
kdeprintfax and kjobviewer
+ X-SuSE-DesktopUtility is used by xkill, xmag, kcolorchooser,
ksnapshot, knotes, xclipboard, xrefresh, tomboy, kpager, ksnapshot,

What do you think?


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