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Re: [opensuse-packaging]
  • From: Pascal Bleser <pascal.bleser@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 25 Oct 2007 12:54:21 +0200
  • Message-id: <472075DD.1070609@xxxxxxxxx>
Juergen Weigert wrote:
On Oct 25, 07 11:51:50 +0400, Nikolay Derkach wrote:
?? ??????, 25/10/2007 ?? 01:43 +0200, Pascal Bleser ??????????:
When I look at the "Team" presented on I notice several
people involved in QA for several distributions, but no one for
Lack of time, lack of interest, technical reasons ?
There was a news at, it claimed that Novell was going to
concentrate its efforts on RPMv4 development.
"Novell has joined Red Hat in the project, while Mandriva, cAos,
and PLD have decided to work with Johnson's effort." [*]

Anyway it would be nice to hear the official proof/disproof from

This article sounds strangely affirmative.
I am not aware of any decision to ignore Jeff Johnson.

Me neither. But I'm not sitting on the same floor as MLS ;)

Actually, I remember that mls and jeff always have
extensive conversations, whenever they meet. :-)

From what I can remember from IRL discussions with Jeff is that the main goals
of RPM 5 were actually to put the disparate and parallel efforts of the
different distributions back in common. Which is why I'm wondering Novell/SUSE
isn't involved.

Anybody to set up an rpm5 buildservice repo?

SUSE does have its specific ways to use RPM that differ from other
distributions, most notably not using arch coloring but -32bit subpackages
instead (for biarch) [1]. I don't know how far it translates into RPM codebase
patches or just conventions. Might be quite tricky to have a properly
functioning RPM 5.x for openSUSE somewhere if it requires the former, especially
if they're not merged and properly integrated by upstream.

[1] not that I'm saying it's bad -- obviously, openSUSE is light years ahead of
almost all other distributions in terms of biarch support so.. it can't be that
bad ;)

-o) Pascal Bleser
/\\ <pascal.bleser@xxxxxxxxx> <guru@xxxxxxxxxxx>

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