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AW: [opensuse-packaging] problematic new path naming structure
  • From: "Jurzitza, Dieter" <DJurzitza@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Tue, 20 Mar 2007 14:03:48 +0100
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Dear Robert,
dear listmembers,
AFAIK the modules that are used for this are packaged as binaries in rpm-containers (i. e. like slmodem or wlan - modules).

If the ABI would change, those packages would have to be upgraded anyway and SUSE would be urged to provide the corresponding packages in conjunction with such a major kernel upgrade.

Though I agree that the naming I coose is probably not optimal as these modules are not "persistent" by themselfes, the persistence will last as long as the ABI compatibility will last. But this in turn gives persistence and therefore I still think to use "persistence" in the name is not the worst choice in this regard.

Therefore I do not agree entirely with Roberts arguments. These modules belong to in the same way as they belong to or any other 2.6.X kernel that keeps this part of the ABI constant. From what I have learned they are not initially related to

IMHO it is only bad to refer to names of components that are not used any more in your system (what is true in the very moment you do upgrade now). Spoken from experience I can hardly remember a SUSE distribution that did not upgrade the kernel at some point in time. So I'd say this is something that should be expected.

In a "generic" sense it would be best to start with soft-linked modules from the very begin of a distribution, what is in tune with my statement.

And one could remove the reference to the individual kernel entirely:
Call the directory /lib/modules/persistent from the very begin. Maybe one would like to use persistent-default / persistent-bigsmp.

Put in all module-binaries that stem from non-kernel-rpms (i.e. wlan<something>.rpm or slmodem<something>.rpm).

Start with linking those into the appropriate kernel-module directories from the very begin.
Whenever the abi changes, one must change / upgrade the packages anyway - there is no harm in this case, the package manager and the dependency rules have to prevent from errors here.

The container of those packages would never refer to a kernel that came out of use.

Take care

Dieter Jurzitza



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> Feel free to suggest a better scheme but only suggest a
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