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Ideas for advanced Enhances / Suggests
  • From: Stanislav Brabec <sbrabec@xxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 04 Jan 2006 13:02:44 +0100
  • Message-id: <1136376164.24638.119.camel@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

I have a package libgda, which contains many database plugins.

What to do with plugin packages, which provide a xxx support for libgda.

Suppose I will do:

Package: libgda-mysql
Enhances: libgda

Package: libgda-postgres
Enhances: libgda

This will probably cause, that beginner will click OK for all and
package manager will install all available databases as
hard-dependencies of all these plugins.

But I want to suggest here: "Yes, libgda-mysql enhances libgda, but if
you don't have mysql installed, you probably have no usage for it." Once
in future, if user installs mysql package, libgda-mysql should be

What I really need, is probably:
Enhances: ( libgda + mysql )

One of suggestions says, do not offer or warn about enhancement packages
with a lot of unresolved dependencies. But it is not a solution.

For example I have also:

Package: gstreamer-plugins-extra
Enhances: gstreamer

The package also has many unresolved dependencies, but I really want to
suggest here: "Yes, install all these dependencies to have a cool
gstreamer package."

Is such feature possible or planned or what is the syntax?

And additional ideas:

Is it possible to use Enhances for virtuals or Suggests for symbols
instead of package name? I want to say: "Yes gimp-help enhances both
gimp and gimp-unstable."

Package: gimp-help
Enhances: gimp-2.0

Package: gimp
Provides: gimp-2.0

Package: gimp-unstable
Provides: gimp-2.0

Another use:

Package: plugger
Suggests: mp3_player
(where mp3_player will be virtual provided by all MP3 players)

Maybe it should be evident, why package Suggests/Enhances other package,
to provide enough information to user. For example:

Package: mc
Suggests: (xv eog gv pdftotext)("To provide default viewers. You can define different viewers and ignore these suggestions.")

Package: gnome-session
Suggests: gnome2-user-docs("To provide enhanced user documentation.")

Best Regards / S pozdravem,

Stanislav Brabec
software developer
SuSE CR, s. r. o. e-mail: sbrabec@xxxxxxx
Drahobejlova 27 tel: +420 296 542 382
190 00 Praha 9 fax: +420 296 542 374
Czech Republic

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