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[Proposal] Suggests/Enhances Support in RPM/YaST
  • From: Marcus Rueckert <darix@xxxxxxx>
  • Date: Tue, 20 Dec 2005 23:35:08 +0100
  • Message-id: <20051220223508.GA11965@xxxxxxx>

beside the minor problems we had with th rpm 4.4.2 update, we got a new
cool feature:

Enhances/Support Flags for a rpm.

Some people might know them from Debian.
Sadly RPM doesnt honor those flags yet. But SmartPM and the new YaST
Package manager will support them.

Semantics behind the 2 rpm tags

Basically both work similar to Provides/Requires. Atm the information
will be just passed into the base package. RPM wont tell you about the
relation ship. That work has to be done by high level tools.

1. Suggests

"Suggests" is a weak "Requires".

You can suggest big packages, you dont want to enforce. A prominent
example might be the hard requirement in taskjuggler to kdepim.
Especially Gnome users dont like that much.

2. Enhances

"Enhances" can be used to promote addon packages.

An amarok addon could declare itself as an enhancement of the amarok
base package. That way we dont have to know all possible addon packages
in the base package, but still be able to present the information to the

Klaus Kaempf mentioned as another possible use case enhances on hardware
detected in the box. Atm we install the synaptic driver in the default
selection without checking if the box has a synaptics touch pad.
xorg-xinput-synaptics could specify
"Enhances: hwinfo(x11:synaptic-touchpad)"
and SaX2 will only ask to install this rpm if the hardware is really

Possible Solution inside YaST

Below the package listing you have this small info box where you can
read the package description/technical informations/Requires|Provides
list. An additional tab could be added to this area and the list of
additional packages could be shown there. Or the usual dependency
solving dialog could be presented.

comments/critics welcome.


the original bug for this proposal

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