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Re: [opensuse-multimedia] wodim/cdrecord
On 1 February 2011 15:20, Dave Plater <davejplater@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
On 02/01/2011 08:33 PM, Steven Sroka wrote:
On 1 February 2011 04:54, Dave Plater <davejplater@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

On 02/01/2011 01:00 AM, Steven Sroka wrote:

I've heared that the original cdrecord is better than wodim as well.
Plus, there are a lot of forums posts and bug reports regarding wodim
ruining DVD's and so on listed throughout a Google search.

I'd like to know, if possible, what are the difference between wodim
and cdrecord? wodim, according to Joerg, is bastardized and some of us
here can confirm that wodim causes problems, so what is the use it?

If cdrecord is the original program and wodim seems not be reliable
would it not be best to ship cdrecord and not wodim?

I did a bit of research :örg_Schilling

One thing that confuses me is your experience of wodim is the exact
opposite of at least jdd and myself.

Damn. This ballooned into a bigger issue.

Unless I misunderstood,  Dave you said,
"And *yes*, his cdrecord is much better than wodim."

jdd you said,
"with wodim, the write takes forever (0x6 approx) and always fails at
fixing. The disk seems to be good though.

With cdrecord from Joerg, the write is done at full (4x) speed and
witjhout error."

So infact Dave you are incorrect in your previous email,
"One thing that confuses me is your experience of wodim is the exact
opposite of at least jdd and myself."

It seems both of you have had issue with wodim as well as me. It's the
original cdrecord that seems excellent. Not the other way around

When I read your were confirming above that your had wodim issues as
well, I asked why was it even included in openSUSE? No that, that is
the most important thing at the moment.

Correct me if I'm wrong.

I'm still not sure what software is what and trying to get to the bottom
of it all.

It seems now that I misunderstood what dvd burning software was what. I
did what I did because I couldn't understand why you had a problem and I
didn't. As you can see from this flame war we don't actually have the
original cdrkit or whatever is the right name due to a mexican stand off
over the CDDL and GPL being incompatible the solution is a dual license.
I visited : which gives a good
indication of what is compatible with what and they state that the CDDL
isn't compatible with any versions of GPL.
Also be aware that the actual cd/dvd/blu-ray burning software is
maintained in Base:Systems and I maintain multimedia so only the likes
of libdvdnav and libcdread are in my department.
I would also like to see working cd/dvd burning software in openSUSE.
Ok genisoimage is built from wodim source in  which although it bears
Jorge Schilling's name as the original author actually originates from
debian. And this is what you used successfuly?

genisoimage worked, wodim never did for me. Weird. Anyway, as there
are complications with licenses and usability regarding cdrecord,
wodim and things based of off them, I'll stick with what works for me.

In the list of programs in k3b it states wodim what does your k3b use?
Also bear in mind that the deadline for submissions for 11.4 rc1 is
Friday and this email is secondary to getting packages updated and
working for me.

I completely understand. Looking forward to RC1 myself :)

Dave P

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