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Re: [suse-multimedia-e] xine/ogle/mplayer slow dvd video output
correct me if I'm wrong but I think 8.1 chooses grub as the default
bootloader not lilo..
In which case you shoyld be looking for the /etc/grub.conf file


On Tue, 2002-12-24 at 13:14, David Herman wrote:
> David Herman wrote:
> > xine refuses to see my dvd if it is set as /dev/hdb, but will play
> > it Sloooooowly if I use /dev sr0. Unfortunately this does not allow
> > me to turn DMA on for the dvd player.
> Check /etc/lilo.conf. I have a DVD player on hdc and a CD writer on
> hdd and so my lilo.conf (correctly) contains the line
> append = "noapic acpismp=force hdd=ide-scsi"
> My guess is that you have a line
> append = "... hdb=ide-scsi"
> If so try removing the 'hdb=ide-scsi' and see if you now get a hdb as
> an (E)IDE drive.
> If that works, try the following command (as root) before running
> xine: /sbin/hdparm -d1 -X34 /dev/hdb
> If that all works, add th line above to the end of
> /etc/init.d/boot.local and everything should work smoothly.

Thanks for your reply John,

I just looked at my lilo.conf and there is no mention of either my dvd
or my cdwriter.
I have no "append=" lines currently so I guess I'll look into the
available options I'll let you know how it turns out.



hda is 80gb hard drive
hdb should be dvd
hdc is second 80gb hard drive
hdd should be cdrewriter.

I can mount and use all of my devices but can't turn dma on for any of

ps sorry if you got this reply twice, I'm still trying to get the suse
lists to recognize my new address

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