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Re: [suse-laptop] Re: Neuer Laptop?
  • From: Michael Henatsch <mhenatsch@xxxxxx>
  • Date: Sat, 8 Jan 2005 14:32:15 +0100
  • Message-id: <200501081432.15800.mhenatsch@xxxxxx>
Adham, I agree with you 100%!

With some of the distributors being 'real big players' the Linux
community may meanwhile have enough substance (in an economic sense) to
have a realistic chance of being heard by hardware makers.

We hear this "No, we don't support Linux" not only from hardware makers
but also from ISPs - even if what they offer works perfectly under
Linux. It must have something to do with liability. Some are already
moving to meet us half-way by saying: "Yes, it works under Linux -
except our software (dialers etc.). But don't quote me on this.". There
seems to be some concern that a customer might say that he opened an
account with the ISP relying on that he could use it under Linux and
now wants to claim compensation because some thrown-in software will
not provide the extra comfort he would have enjoyed under Windows.

Distributors alone can't do this. They might set up a "certification
center" in which they test hardware and then identify to the customer
base which units they found to be compliant, but what if the
manufacturer makes some small modification to the hardware without
changing the model designation (they always do)? The distributors have
to talk to manufacturers and say: "We give your product ABC a Linux
Compatibility Certificate, but you must assure us that you will not
make any modifications to it that will affect that compatibility".

And in order to be heard by the hardware makers (and ISPs) distributors
should make a joint approach. They could form a "Linux Compatibility
Alliance" which will certify hardware independent of distros.

How do we get our distributors to embark on such a project? We have to
tell them that there is a demand for this. Anybode here want to suggest
an address for SuSE?

And I find nothing wrong with your English.

Concerning 'nonsense for a Saturday morning': I simply add mine, and
together we may then even have written enough nonsense for an entire
weekend <g>


在 2005-1-8 12:56,adham hashibon 写道:
> Hi all,
> I just want to ask, if suse has a sponsered laptop checking program,
> i.e. some sort of a Suse certified sticker that manufactureres can
> "proudly" stick on those models which work perfectly with linux! why
> Novell-Suse are not trying to do so? would it really be a pain for
> hp/dell/Lenovo(IBM) to certify such models and have a sticker on
> them.... it would make it easier to us to find the right laptop! Why
> it has to be so unfair! Isn#t it time that those manufacturers who
> enjoy profits also because WE BUY MACHINES to run Linux should also
> show some consideration?
> A year or so ago, when I got my hp nx 9005 AMD 2200+ laptop, I could
> not get the cpufrequency scaling right (it was before powersave
> days!) so I contacted AMD, they answered pilitly that they do not
> support Linux, not that they will release a drive for their cpu
> powernow technology, and the machine had a sticker that says its
> designed for Win XP! I find it kind of irritating, since at the same
> time AMD was playing with Linux to push their 64 bit chips!
> What do you think? what are the reasons that no Linux distributer is
> doing this still??? I think Linux had come a loooooong way that those
> companies have to take us the linux clients too into consideration!
> Can Novel-Suse and Redhat and mandrake and other big Linux distros
> team together to push for such a sticker thing... I mean that what
> MS$ does, What linux needs maybe is a joint untited Linux like push,
> but not in the actual distribution rather in the marketting!!!
> I hope I did not write to much nonsense for one saturday morning..
> and excuse my english, I still cannot master Deutsch good enough to
> write this...
> Cheers
> And Happy New Year!

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