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Problem mit Dell TrueMobile und SuSE 9.
  • From: "H.E. Tammer" <h.e.tammer@xxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Mon, 12 Jan 2004 23:41:22 +0100
  • Message-id: <>
Dear list,
My apologize for using the English language, but my knowledge of the German language is limited to
reading and speaking. I hope you wont be offended by this, and still willing to help.

I have a Dell Inspiron 8600, and installed both WinXP and SuSE 9. Under WinXP everything works fine. The laptop has two interface cards, wired and Wireless. For the wireless (TrueMobile 1300) I use
Linuxant's driverloader and the with the laptop delivered WinXP driver (.SYS and .INF).

I have a problem with getting the LinuxAnd WLAN DriverLoader to work.
The installation of the driverloader (downloaded 11-01-2004) went well.
But i do not get access to Internet.
My local configuration is: Cable access, with a local LAN connected to Internet via a router/switch.
In local LAN several PCs.
On my laptop (Dell I8600 with TrueMobile 1300 WLAN) I have installed WinXP and SuSE 9. The laptop has 2 Ethernet cards, a wired card and the WLAN card.
WinXP (default with the I8600) works perfectly with both interfaces. Under Linux, the wired Ethernet card works well.
I installed LinuxAnt driverloader to be able to load the WinXP drivers from the TrueMobile 1300 card.
Installation went well. Installed (temp) licence. (.SYS and .INF which came with the WinXP install.)
After reboot of the laptop, I have to load the driverloader again. I followed the next procedure:
1) modprobe driverloader
2) lsmod and dldrconfig --info to check loading; is OK
3) ifconfig -a gives the eth1 (wlan) interface (and eth0 = RJ45 interface.)
4) iwlist scan gives the info of my access point, zo this looks good!
5) In YAST2 (SuSE 9), I configured a second interface eth1, with IP@ (other IP@ but in the same subnet as the wired interface)
I can switch the eth1 ON (ifconfig eth1 up)
When i do a ifconfig -a, I see both if's with IP@.
And when I type the routing table (netstat -rn) I see defaultgateway@ specified by both eth0 and eth1; so that seems correct.
I do not connect the wired eth0, and try to ping the DGW.
This is not posible. Then I switch off the wired if (eth0).
When I ping the DGW now, it works!
But when I try to go through the router to Internet, I receive:
ping: unknown host
It looks like the DNS resolution does not work. Still this is configured on the laptop. Also if I try to ping the providers DNS, I receive the same message.

Do you have any idee whats wrong?
Kind regards,

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