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[opensuse-marketing] Re: poster project again
As nobody seems to have any/many opinions on this I will try to discuss
it at the openSUSE conference. If we don't find a volunteer that is
fine, I'll get it done inside the company ;-)


On 30.08.2011 Jos wrote:
Hi all!!!

I've gotten the budget together to do the awesome poster/calendar
project we did last year again. You know, the one with the calendar
of FOSS events on one side and the Beer poster on the other side.

For this year, we're gonna do it even bigger, in the international
Linux Magazine and the USA Linux Pro Magazine! So we should of
course have new artwork :D

Final artwork is required on the first of Oct, just 4 weeks from now.
All the rest would be pretty much the same as last year. we deliver
the graphics for the front side, they design the calendar on the

Specs for pir artwork are: Size: 400 mm * 574 mm, plus 3mm additional
bleed on each side, Hi-res PDF, 4-colour, CMYK.

Now we can get that two ways. First, I can get the SUSE marketing
people to design something for us. Either Robert, if he has time, or
someone in the corporate marketing. The other option is of course
all of YOU.

But we're all very busy with the openSUSE conference and the openSUSE
12.1 artwork. And if we make this, it has to be REALLY GOOD. Because
there is the calendar on one side, we have to have a really cool
poster to make people hang up the openSUSE side!

The question thus is: can we come up with something good in 3-4
weeks, or should I start asking inside SUSE? Think about it
carefully: of course you all CAN come up with something cool, BUT do
we have time between working on the openSUSE conf and openSUSE 12.1
and all other things like the flyer etc? If we rush it, it might not
be good - and then everyone will hang up the calendar side :(

Let me know your thoughts.


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