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Re: [opensuse-ambassadors] Re: [opensuse-marketing] Special Announcement - Ambassador Travel Funding
  • From: Izabel Valverde <valverde.izabel@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sat, 30 Jul 2011 10:46:21 -0300
  • Message-id: <>
2011/7/30 jdd <jdd@xxxxxxxxx>:
Le 29/07/2011 22:04, Kostas Koudaras a écrit :

and have fun than to think about money. Either you can(have the time
and money) to do it, either you don't.

I see two case where small event cost may be important: if you have many to
do and when you are not yet a real experienced ambassador.

* If you try to attends 5/6 meetings, spending €50 euros each begin to be
much and the expense can be a little more if the distance is longer - this
may be solved if you begin to be known as openSUSE ambassador, and the
organiser sponsor your travel (and not openSUSE)

* If you are not so experienced to be able to make a conference and don't
have experience in openSOURCE meetings, any expense can be a stop (don't
forget we all have mates and childs also). I think it could be a good idea
to make some people come. After that he may feel more closely related to the
project and invest more. Helping in a boot is something anybody can do, even
not experienced (and it gives experience :-)


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Some comments and questions ...

How can we define who or how is an experienced ambassador? Clearly
can't be having as reference the number of people attending our
conferences/events or DVDs distributed... if so who had chance to
organize big events - big means over 700-800 attended - is the most
valuable ambassador?
Thinking like this can make us to lose those who make a great effort
in their own neighborhood, school or work! My vision, not only of the
events make a good ambassador! Spread about openSUSE anyway does. Of
course events brings the experience of needs ... I used to say ... if
you didn't organize anything in your own neighborhood, work, school
for openSUSE how can help to co-organizing in other places? Well it's
easy to see when it happens... But if don't start how can you be an
experienced one?

After some time involved in foss communities our investment reduces
but never end. The events/conferences that invite us can pay for our
trips but that does not change the fact that we still have to invest
time and material. It's a lot of money! Maybe on this case Ambassador
Travel Funding express just part of our needs.

I'm glad to have a program like this. It's indeed a great way to make
our community growth, my only doubt is, this is a decision from
Attachmate/SUSE as a company, it was an achievement of our openSUSE
Board dierctor (thanks suseROCKS ;-) or a combination of these
factors? I'm asking because if we want to plan something for 2012 we
need to have a guarantee that the change of openSUSE Board in December
won't make us to lose this support as it may interfere with the
commitments that we will take with events organizers.

I would like to say... the community is made up of volunteers and
someway seasonal dedication (except SUSE/Attachmate employees and
supposed to be the Board) so I'm totally opposite to have people as
reference for a long term. I'm here less than a year and I saw many of
"references" leaving-away (including here in Brazil) and even in light
of this we're tending to repeat! Also... always have lot of good
intention when has money involved or a "free trip". Please everybody
don't get this agreesive just a sad ponderation!

Here... I put myself available as needed to help to keep this program!


P.S. The program should include english lessons :-D
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