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[opensuse-marketing] Re: [opensuse-ambassadors] Fwd: Re: Idea for promoting oSC (promotional Video)
On Wed, Jul 27, 2011 at 12:54 AM, Jos Poortvliet <jos@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
On 2011-07-24 jdd wrote:

Kostas and me discussed of a video of sort to promote the OSC
('openSUSE Conference, September)

De : Kostas Koudaras <warlordfff@xxxxxxxxx>

Ok, so my thought is to take small videos of ambassadors calling
people to the oSC in their native language

it's a sort of "I'm a geecko" video

So we first need to know if you find this usefull?

If so, we will need to have as many ambassadors as possible making
videos (more on the technical points later)

But we also need reviewer to check the videos (to prevent
unappropriate contents). The best way should be to have a member
check them... given as many langages as possible are wanted

we need also OSC logos, posters, to make a beginning and an ending,
as we need some sort of sound or music (free, of course) for them.

we &lso need a proposal for a short text, to be used as basis,
variants being possible

I send this to multimedia, ambassadors and marketting, but I think
final discussion of how to make and store videos should be held on
ambassador list and potential technicals around the hole video making
on multimedia, so please post on the relevant list

Awesome idea. Make a quick how-to on a wiki page and get an article to
news.o.o (which I can help write if you want).

And how about ANY openSUSE person do this instead of 'only' the

Then we put em on the openSUSE youtube channel and show them on the
openSUSE website at random :D


Isn't this what I did last year? What different? Let me guess, going
to use the same music.

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