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Re: [opensuse-marketing] desktop statistics...
Am 13.07.2011 18:05, schrieb Susanne Oberhauser:
Hi folks,

I'd like to find out how many active openSUSE based desktops are in
active use.

Here's a proposal that evolved from a discussion during lunch break

The default home page of all browsers on opensuse points to a very
simple url, like

That page is so usefull that almost all users will appreciate it.

For example, it just consists of a very plain and simple
search bar (like this well-known one:

Or, maybe even better, it simply offers a number of search engines, and
it will, based on a cookie, from here on replace itself with that search
engine --- or even a blank page (about:blank).

The trick obviously is the durable cookie. The day the cookie is set is
the first log in of this desktop user. Every time the user comes back,
the cookie helps to bean count the life span of this desktop.

If the cookie is rejected, I suggest to give an explanatory page, trying
to convince that this is a good cookie, respecting privacy and all.

In that vein I also suggest to *not* store the preferred search engine
on the server, but to put that into the cookie, alongside the first
access time, plus a random hash.

Rationale behind this: There is tons of guesswork how many desktops we
have conquered. This proposal replaces that by facts.

Feedback appreciated,


At first, it seems like a good idea to find out how many desktop users openSUSE has, indeed. *But* I´m getting kinda nervous when you´re talking about cookies. This could be misunderstood by the community, _even_ it´s a "good" one.

And what´s with these people, who install a fresh openSUSE image, start the PC, connect to the internet and do install a new browser as their first action on the new system?

There´s SUSE Greeter isn´t it? And it starts on every installed KDE desktop (at least) right after the installation (I don´t know how it´s like under GNOME and the other desktops, but I think we can talk to the GNOME team, if necessary.) Why not implementate a survey on SUSE Greeter?

This survey could contain the following questions?

* Which desktop do you use (KDE, GNOME, LXDE, Xfce etc.)
* Which browser do you use
* Are you happy with openSUSE?
* What can we do better in future?

With this, you not just get the information how many desktops are running with openSUSE, you also get a kind of feedback, which is, IMHO, much more important then every statistic.

I hope this helps,

Kim Leyendecker (kdl@xxxxxxxxxx)
openSUSE Ambassador, openSUSE Wiki Team DE
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