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Re: [opensuse-marketing] openSUSE Newspaper Advert
On Tuesday 24 May 2011 15:25:58 jdd wrote:
Le 24/05/2011 16:11, Izabel Valverde a écrit :
I strongly disagree with your point of view! If is not for dummies how
can we explain the success case in elementary schools or in digital
inclusion projects?

there, Linux is pre-installed. I did three install last saturday. Thed
three failed for some minor problem that I couls easily solve, but a
dummy couldn't.

but if you can solve it why can't you talk somebody through over the phone and
explain what they need to do?

Beleive me: I *give for free* compuyters with openSUSE installed and
configured and still I have problem with users that try to install
windows programs on them (and of course can't).

The more recent case was the install cd of a DSL box. The bow was mal
functionning and the only debug utility was windows. What do you do (this
was 100 km far from my home, on phone call)

There are cases when this happens and for this reason there is Dual Boot
Options I am not telling people entirely to delete windows, simply to run
openSUSE for most day to day things and keep a copy of windows for

I would like to campaign to the makers of these products to resolve this.

What i don't understand is what a DSL modem requires CD for in the first place
they are usually ethernet driven and so therefore can be controled os-

Yesterday i had an issue with a Buffalo LinkStation, it had gone into reset
mode and the only way to get out of it is to run Windows or Mac software, the
software for windows doesn't work under wine believe me i tried it.

But without out is pushing Linux, increasing the uptake and thus increasing
the need for manufacturers to support it, it simply won't get done.

When it's a friend it's already difficult, with unknow people, it's
nearly impossible

It's time to change our minds and if you need a close case I can show
you a school full of newbies that make TV, Radio, Publicity and much
more using linux as their base.

with a teacher nearby (I was a teacher, I know)


I have sold 35+ copies of the retail version in the last three months, and so
far I have not had 1 call back. I did however get a call back on a Buffalo
Drive because the customer tried to install the windows software into linux
and didn't just plug that drive into his router like i told him to.

This was 60 miles from my home (close to 100km I guess) I took the train to
his home and charged him for the service, because he didn't follow the
instructions. If its not related to the software he purchased its an extra
charge, or buy compatible hardware.
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