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Re: [opensuse-marketing] openSUSE Newspaper Advert
On Wednesday 25 May 2011 17:26:48 Kim Leyendecker wrote:
Am 24.05.2011 15:38, schrieb Okuro Okiawa:
Well, and exactly that's the reason, why openSUSE and Linux in general
is mostly common in nerds or IT freaks (besides the Linux Servers).
The question for openSUSE now is, which direction should be chosen:
(1) reach more users or (2) let away all the "user-friendly" stuff and
keep the distro clean of mostly useless stuff.

I cannot really decide between the two options... For me personally,
(2) is the best option, but (1) would make openSUSE more competitive
in the OS-market. (In this regard, Ubuntu is a step ahead.)

This is one of the reasons why I would prefer two openSUSE releases. One
"Personal" release for the users, who aren´t so savvy at all, and one
"Professional" release for the users, who say, that they don´t need such
stuff for help and user friendly apps, but more devel-stuff or

But I think, the disadvantage of this bi-released-openSUSE is the fact,
that maintaining and care about the two releases is more more difficult
then "just" maintaining *one* single DVD-version and the KDE/GNOME live CD.

But I think this doesn´t belong to this thread actually, and if anyone´s
interesting in continue such discussion, just open another thread or
mail me privacy.


PS: By the way, what´s on with the strategy discussion? Is there any
result, or any things that needs to achive? Afaik it´s in freeze-mode
till the foundation is founded, is that right?
Nah, there was a blog by Thomas Thym, who has been involved with that. He
wanted to push it forward. I'm not sure exactly what his plan is there, so I
CC'ed him and he can tell you if he wants :D
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