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[opensuse-marketing] Re: 11.4 presentation
Hi all,
Thx Jos.
I just ran through the slides and notes and it looks like a good
alternative to your SCALE presentation... so I'm now evaluating which
direction I might want to go.. Distro-centric like this presentation
or touching more on the other openSUSE projects like in your SCALE

Some recommendations and some modifications I'm making to my copy...

- I usually prefer to "bullet" my notes, stating topics in 5 words or
less at a time. That enables me to glance at the topic, then speak to
the audience. Anything longer makes me pause to read, then digest in
my mind before speaking which hurts my audience eye contact.
- Just my style which isn't necessarily recommended to others, but I
usually embed major bullet points on the slide instead of hiding in
notes. That enables the audience to visually absorb the information
both previewing and reviewing the points as I speak. I rarely fill the
whole screen with a screenshot, and if I do then the target content in
the screenshot is <very large> unless the overall look is the
important point. Note that when placing text content on the screen
it's still critical to talk to the audience and not to the screen
which is likely behind you.

I don't think there should be a problem posting to your Google Docs,
then sharing the "Place" with others.The only practical restriction is
a 100mb total repository size. In fact, take a look at what I've done
enabling presentations to be seen from a free Google website
displaying content stored in Google Docs. You can configure
permissions for

Public (no restrictions to view)
Private (only people with specified Google accounts can view)
Link only (not publicly searchable, anyone who has a link (eg from
email) can view)

All the presentations on my site are longer than yours. Note that
besides viewing online, there is a download link on each presentation
as well

Good stuff Jos,

On Wed, Mar 9, 2011 at 6:19 AM, Jos Poortvliet <JPoortvliet@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Dear friends,

I realize this is very late in the game, however I hope it is still
useful. I finally managed to update (pretty much rewrote) my 11.4
presentation, see attached. I hope it will be useful!

I would love to have this on the wiki but can't upload it due to the 2
mb size limit, Darix, could you put this somewhere and tell us the link?

Thanks all and have fun with the 11.4 release!

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