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Re: [opensuse-marketing] What is our identity?
On Thu, 2011-02-10 at 19:35 +0100, Kim Leyendecker wrote:
Am 10.02.2011 01:07, schrieb Stuart Tanner:
Thank you to the community you inspire me to great things every single day!!
I have to say thank you too to the community, by the way.

Don't forget that SLES is openSUSE just with older software for stability.

First of all, don't forget that SLES is just one of the SUSE offerings.
They also offer SLED (their version of the Desktop.)

openSUSE is used as a base for the SLE product line. They derive their
server and their desktop offerings from us. Therefore, we're more of an
upstream project than a base project. I think this is an important
distinction we need to start emphasizing, because there are lots of
potential spinoffs from openSUSE that don't even end up in SLE products.
So let's start sayi that we are the UPSTREAM project.

Yes, it´s openSUSE 11.1 right, but SLES isn´t maintained by the openSUSE
community, or not? So I prefer saying that openSUSE is a desktop-distro. Here
in my hometown are really much people who just want that their computers
"run" so, openSUSE is my system of choice and I ever say, that´s some much
easier using Linux, espacially openSUSE. It´s hard but some people are
thinking of using Linux. I hope that the release of 11.4 can make them using

For the identity:

And that works for your particular market that you work with. Beauty of
openSUSE. We can market it as a desktop and we can market it as a
server. Plenty of people do market it as a server. Let's just be
careful not to say that openSUSE is *just* a desktop server. It is
really... anything you want it to be.


We´re a large and healthy community, that develops one of the best and
popular linux distributions of the world: openSUSE


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