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Re: [opensuse-marketing] What is our identity?
  • From: stuart@xxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Tue, 8 Feb 2011 20:27:50 +0000
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I say balance because openSUSE is great it supports so many platforms. For
desktops KDE is great all the included software makes it a great drop in
replacement for people used to windows and with ubuntu shifting focus to
netbooks there is a market to be taken.

For older machines lxde is amazing because its so light weight it runs on as
little as 128mb like they are a new machine.

For servers its strong and reliable and zypper and yast make it easy to
configure plus the yast web interface.

For netbooks and tablets mebo looks good although I haven't tested it yet.

I think apart from fighting other distros why don't we try to fight the more
mainstream os's?

Sure we don't have the marketing budget they do but there must be things we can

Local free ad sites, promotion of features like security, support and quality
software rather than worrying about if the release schedule fits with server

If the 8 month release cycle doesn't fit with sled why did we adopt it?

There is a lot to be done I agree but I just think we look internally all too


I am planning a project for my final year project using kiwi-ltsp, openSUSE and
beowolf clustering with recycled machines I found a great site on it today the
more I learn about openSUSE the more amazed and impressed I get it just needs
marketing!! Old reclaimed computers clustered together and older machines using
them as thin clients all running variations of openSUSE.

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From: Manu Gupta <manugupt1@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 09 Feb 2011 00:59:25
To: Marketing-opensuse<opensuse-marketing@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Subject: [opensuse-marketing] What is our identity?

Hi all,

What does openSUSE focus on

1. Do we focus on Desktop?
2. Do we focus on Servers?
3. We say we focus on balance,but what does that actually mean?

I ask this because

1. We are not as polished as a Desktop

2. Our life cycle is not suited for Servers / Sysadmins.

3. Nor are we exactly rolling releases, might be tumbleweed but there
are 100s of old packages too

I think we should be able to change that with 11.4 release atleast that
helps a lot. So if we do not decide it soon, we will certainly go under
an already existing identity crisis which is not good for the community.

We should regardless of anything, yes even the strategy (although more
alligned with it is preferable) must have a few plans to focus on for
11.4 release. Attracting a particular audience should change a lot of
perspective outside the community.


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