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Re: [opensuse-marketing] common language
On Thursday 06 January 2011 22:38:17 Helen wrote:
Well I've already written the short version, so there's some text
there, maybe it's useful maybe not.

I'm not going to spend too much time on beginner users, since they are
not our target market, though I agree that some background on license,
antivirus and so on is a good idea.

I don't deal well with endless stragetgy and meetings. Give me a task
to do and I get it done if I can.

The two flyers Kostas mentioned can be found in the link I gave:

For the lazy among us, the links are:
Generic openSUSE introduction for potential contributors
Generic openSUSE introduction for potential users

You must've seen them :D


On Fri, Jan 7, 2011 at 8:29 AM, Kostas Koudaras <warlordfff@xxxxxxxxx>
Ok so in order not to mix things up would you like to end that and
start a new conversation about all kind of printed material we need?
Jos remember when you told me to start pushing the creation of the two
fliers(unsuspected users and potential contributors),then in a
meeting you told me to hold on until we finish the strategy, since we
started them again I could try give them a form, but all that better
in an other conversation,so that we keep it clean.

2011/1/6 Helen <postmodernhousewife@xxxxxxxxx>:
However there are the regular Free Software Days and things of that
nature that aren't computer-geek specific ie, market stalls and
University information days.

I'll make a cut-down version of text if anyone is keen for a flyer.


The text we wrote for newbies is great for our webpage, let's keep it
at that for now. How often do you meet people who don't know what an
operating system is at a conference?

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