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Re: [opensuse-marketing] Debian OSC report
  • From: Vincent Untz <vuntz@xxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Tue, 2 Nov 2010 12:05:30 +0100
  • Message-id: <20101102110530.GG2016@xxxxxxxxx>

Le mardi 02 novembre 2010, à 07:42 +0100, Gerfried Fuchs a écrit :
* Vincent Untz <vuntz@xxxxxxxxxx> [2010-11-01 20:51:51 CET]:
That being said, I'm much more a GNOME/openSUSE person than a
Ubuntu/GNOME one (I'm using openSUSE, and I contributed much more to
openSUSE than to Ubuntu). I guess it's safe to say that I don't
represent Ubuntu in any way anymore, and I certainly wasn't at the
openSUSE conference with a Ubuntu hat :-)

If it would make you lot feel better, I will send the same
clearification to the mailinglist, too. Actually it seems that Vincent
was there with as much Ubuntu hat as myself, or rather, me possibly more
than him because I actually also have upload rights to Ubuntu.

Oh, I don't care much about a clarification on the mailing list myself.
Just wanted to clarify with you since I got cc'ed on this thread, and
I'm probably the authorative person on this topic :-)

Generally speaking, the people who do know me know which hats I have,
and others... well, I don't expect them to care much about me ;-)

Still, frankly spoken, I am a fair bit astonished about the claiming
that a person belongs to someone, especially exclusively, especially in
the free software community.

I guess the initial reaction was more about a feeling of mis-attributing
my contribution to the conference as coming from the Ubuntu community.

Yes, I should have done more research about Vincent, and I appoligize
for not having done that, but the impression with Vincent's blog on
Planet Ubuntu did lead to that, especially since planet ubuntu is
explictly meant for ubuntu related stuff, like can be read in the
Guidelines: <>

That's because I'm an Ubuntu member. Note that you're misreading a bit
the guidelines for Planet Ubuntu: it's not meant for Ubuntu-related
stuff, but for blogs from Ubuntu members. That's slightly different,
especially in my case where I usually don't really blog about
Ubuntu-related stuff ;-)

Note that I'm on Planet openSUSE too. And I'd be glad to be on Planet
Debian and Planet Fedora too, but I guess those ones will be a bit
harder for now. I'll have to conquer the world another way...

If people absolutely want to give me a Ubuntu hat, then I should be
considered as a GNOME/openSUSE/Ubuntu person. And we could maybe add
some stuff in there to be complete ;-)

Right. I haven't claimed you to be exclusive, especially since I even
stated Ubuntu/GNOME, and such exclusive thinking is in my personal
opinion not really helping the overall though of "Collaboration across
Borders". Actually the sort of responses somehow makes me think that
collaboration might not really be appreciated, but then, this might also
be a as skewed view as which I left with my report from the conference.

Don't know if it'll help convince you that we do care about
collaboration, but: after the openSUSE Conference, I went to UDS. I'd
guess I was mostly seen as an upstream person there, though. As you
pointed out, we're generally perceived as exclusively coming from one

Obviously, collaboration is always difficult and we always see the
limits we're reaching. But collaboration is happening, and it is indeed
our responsability to promote it, instead of promoting the limits.



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