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[opensuse-marketing] event report
  • From: Chuck Payne <terrorpup@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Fri, 24 Sep 2010 11:25:22 -0400
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I had sent to this to AJ for the Job that was signed to me, He has
asked that I send to everyone on the marketing list.

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From: Chuck Payne <terrorpup@xxxxxxxxx>
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Subject: Re: event report
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Here is what you guys been asking for. I am sorry that I have been
slow, but I will try to make up for it.

Over the past year I have been to three linux fest, I will give
highlights of the three.

Atlanta Linux Fest (ALF)
Texas Linux Fest (TLF)
Southeast Linux Fest (SELF)

-----------------------------------------Atlanta Linux

For ALF, I took 400 DVD (openSUSE 11.1) and about 100 Linux Format
Magazines with DVD (openSUSE 11.0). I was about to give out all the
magazines and 350 DVD, I took home 50 DVD that I gave out later at the
local linux group. The had T-Shirts, Tuxs, and Geekos. Which I will
state, is the number one item of any fest. I manned the table for the
most part by myself, James Taylor helped me out when I gave my talk
about openSUSE Community. I made a CD Rom that I handle out  ( My Slides )

ALF was planning for about 500 people and had close to about 600+.

The questions that I got a lot were the following...

How does the Microsoft deal effect openSUSE?
Why should I use openSUSE over Ubuntu?
What makes openSUSE so special?

Here was a question from some that uses openSUSE with there business
(That I never got answered :( )


I am helping a gentleman that I meet that the Atlanta Linux Fest with
issue that is making openSUSE non-productive
for him. He is getting this error using KDE 3 with openSUSE 11.1, he
is checking to make sure it's 11.1, but the error is

Kwin crash with signal 11(SigSEV)

He has a script that launch the same application that he an 8 other
users on a server. When he logs into
the machines to find a couple of instances of that application locked
up with the KWin crashed message.

He has Googled the error message and found plenty of results, but
hasn't been able to find any fixes.

Does anyone one know what he can do to fix this?

Please understand, I am helping this person, this is a chance for the
mailing to shine and show people that
don't use the list it a great place to go and get help.

Thanks in advice, my searches I am seeing that there is a bug with
KWin and KDE 3.5, but I too have't see any fixes.
I did ask him to make sure he was on the last version by sending him
what my 11.1 shows for KDE 3.

Chuck Payne

The most interesting question I got asked, what does it take to start
a user group. Which started the openSUSE Georgia Group,by a young man
named Jon Regan. He has since left the group asked that I take over
it. It not done more, but we are going start pushing the group. More
to come on this later

Other things were

I have blogged about the event on my blog, even posted stuff on
Facebook on my own page, and the openSUSE group page,!/photo.php?pid=2604289&fbid=149462328855&op=1&o=all&view=all&subj=2256834487&aid=-1&oid=2256834487&id=580683855

I also sent a report of the event to openSUSE Marketing mailing.


I am happy to say that the Atlanta Linux Fest was a great hit. They
were planning for only fewer than 500 people, but ended up with a turn
out of 600+. I am happy to say that all the stuff that Zonker sent was
all passed out and we still had people wanting more. We answer all the
questions they has. Demo the 11.1 for a bit until my laptop died
(there was no power on the wall we were on).

The talked that I gave on the openSUSE Community seem to go over well,
a lot people were surprise at all the stuff we had to offer (Build
Service, SUSE Studio, Factory, and openSUSE Li-f-e). The SUSE Studio
seem to really impress a lot of people.  Tons of questions, tons of
comments from people says they us, or that they will give us a try.
The magazine from LixunPro  with the Live Disc was a hit. By the way,
one the things that amazed me, was I meet a guy from Turkey who been
using openSUSE there was surprise to see us this Fest and was happy
for us

The Fedora Ambassador were they and were impress with us and wanted to
help us out.  They intorduced me to Dave Yates of Lotta Linux Links
Podcast (, who wants to talked to me
about the Ambassador program. Also a few people that were from other
parts of the country asking me how to become Ambasssador because they
too want to go out spread the word of openSUSE.

I meet Katina Ferguson and husband from from Foss threads, everyone needs to check them out. I am
only pointing the out because their business makes T-Shirts for the
open source community. What really impressed me about them was they
use openSUSE, inkscape, and GIMP  to create their shirts. I am
thinking it who be cool that we have in future in the newsletter
articles to over openSUSE in the work place.

I talked with Arron from the Atlanta Linux Enthusiasts at their
November Meeting I am going to do launch party for 11.2, we are
working out the details.

So a great fest! I am happy that I could help.

 Zonkers, they told me they did miss you. They tell me they will be in
contact with me about next year fest.

I did do a lot of tweets to promt that I would be at the fest. :-)

--------------------------Texas Linux

For Texas Linux Fest I had a bit of issue on DVD, I had made the
request, but did't get a lot of openSUSE 11.2. I got about 110 11.2
and about 400 11.1. I also has some PC Case Stickers, some T-Shirts,
and iPod Cord Holder (Which got a lot of questions, what is it, and
why. Personal, I won't do those again.) I was able to pass the all

There were over 300+ people that came to the TLF. I manned the table
by myself and answer the following questions. I didn't do a talk

* When is 11.3 coming out?
* Why should I try openSUSE over Ubuntu? (Seems to come up a lot)
* What makes openSUSE stand out over the other Distros.
* What is the differences between openSUSE and SLE.
* Webyast vs. Webmin ( only because they were there, nice guys.)

I didn't have time to blog about because of work, but I did post
pictures and video on our Facebook page...!/photo.php?pid=3807662&fbid=387598263855&op=1&o=all&view=all&subj=2256834487&aid=-1&oid=2256834487&id=580683855!/album.php?aid=165377&id=580683855

I even shot video with my flip camera and posted...!/video/video.php?v=387883198855

Things I remember from the fest..

Talking with Red Hat about Spacewalk and Autoyast. Help out a college
teacher and give DVD for his class. Talking about openSUSE Li-F-E, and
helping a young lady name Monza Lui on how to get into Linux. Which
was funny because she worked for IBM, but she wanted to do more.

My report to the Marketing Group...


Here is my report for the Texas Linux Fest.

I showed up at 7am, because I was told what when we could set up.
Vendor couldn't set up until 9am. So since I was early didn't have a
lot to do. I helped out set up tables and anything else they asked me
to do.

Once we got everything set up, I got the table set up.

Doors opened at 10am, we had over 300+ people. I had over 400 11.1
disc and 110 11.2 DVD, some t-shirts, stickers and ipod cord holders.
I was able to pass out all them by 5:00pm.

In between handling out stuff. I answer a lot question about openSUSE.
Here are the most poplar questions that were asked...

* When is 11.3 coming out?
* Why should I try openSUSE over Ubuntu?
* What makes openSUSE stand out over the other Distros.
* What is the differences between openSUSE and SLE.
* Webyast vs. Webmin ( only because they were their)

I had other questions, a quick summary... what is open Li-f-e,
Autoyast vs. Spacewalk, drivers for media, and can you help with NV

This was the first Texas Linux Fest and the folks did a great job.
When the event was over, I went to dinner with folks from IBM, Webmin,
and TLF. Next year if I get to go back, we are talking about doing a
birds of the feathers for openSUSE users.

I have posted some photos on my facebook page and I will be adding a
video shortly that a summary of the day.

I would like to note, I am ready to go next year and have reached out
to help the guys with the fest.

-----------------------------Southeast Linux

SELF is the last fest that I went too. I have but about 100 DVD of
openSUSE 11.2. Lucky I got some from Jon Regan. I has a few left over
from my launch party. I burn a ton of Live Gnome and KDE CD. I also
burned about 150 openSUSE 11.3 DVD ( Milestone 7, 50 Live Gnome, 50
Live KDE, and 50 DVD). I also burn openSUSE Li-F-e DVD, I think it was
about 25. Because I was short on DVD. I asked Novel if I could get a
few SLE Eval Kits since I do get questions about what differents. They
were cool to give me a few poster as well.

Along with the media, I also took three laptops that I set up. One ran
my slides talks that I gave on community and openSUSE 11.2. One
running openSUSE 11.2 KDE and the other last one running openSUSE 11.3
with Gnome. I took Zypper cheat sheets that James Mason sent me along
with some posters. I made a cheat sheet on the bacic commands and I
took a long VIM Cheat Sheet and One Page Linux Commands.

I hade help from Yancy Smith, who was great at help passing out stuff.

Things I remember from that. I got to talk with the Linux Linnk Tech
Show guys, who love openSUSE, but didn't like the deal that Novell and
thought it really hurt us. I got asked to help out at the end with
passing out stuff. A lot people know if I got to a Fest, I will help
out. Plus, it helps because now they are seeing more of us at Fest.
Trust me it helping.

One thing I remember from this fest, we were on the main walk, no
fedora/red hat or ubutu. A lot people saw that, it help. Thanks Novell
for paying for the spot.

I wasn't able to take video, but I was able to take photos that I
posted on Facebook.!/album.php?aid=181926&id=580683855

Again I sent a report to the Marketing group.


I wish you guys could have come. The Southeast Linuxfest was great.

I like to first thanks James Mason from the 11.2 DVD, Poster, Zypper
Cheat, and broads. Jon Regan for 11.2 DVD he had. The Novell Team in
Atlanta for the SUSE Enterprise Linux DVD. Yancy Smith for the help.

The event was great. Because of the short number of 11.2 DVD, I had
burn a number of DVD and CD myself. These were openSUSE-Edu
Li-f-e(Linux for Education), openSUSE Gnome Live CD (32bit and 64bit),
and openSUSE 11.2 DVD. I took with me this time three laptops. One was
running a set of slides about the openSUSE Community, high lighting
Build Service and SUSE Studio. The second laptop ran openSUSE 11.2.
The third running openSUSE 11.3 Milestone 7. I also made about 300
copies of Zypper Cheat sheet that James sent me. VIM Cheat Sheet, The
One Page Linux Command Sheet and a sheet that I create for openSUSE
with basic commands.

I boot up on the one laptop running openSUSE Li-f-e to let a couple of
teacher play with it. They really love the LTSP and how we had our
apps were laid out.

One of the top questions that was ask a lot was, "What makes SUSE
stand out above other distro?"

I had got to help one user that was having issue with the video
drivers. He had a Nvidia Card that when he installed it wouldn't load
correct. He was really upset that it was doing that, I show him on one
of my laptops how  when you about to install it, to use VESA setting.
He was so happy.

I got a lot great comments about people been using since such and such
version. I was really surprise to see the openSUSE Gnome Live CD with
11.3 milestone go so quick. At one point I had to burn more.

One sad note, people keep asking me where the Tuxes were and Geekoes.
I had two Geekos, that I gave to people that asked me if they could
test drive openSUSE on my laptops. Oh, I would like to thanks for the
Geekos I got, they are very different than the ones we have here in
the states and people notice. They Love Them!

I volunteer with passing out the gifts at the end of the show. I am
planning to help out next with Southeast Linux.

I wasn't able to blog about it because of work again. But I did tweet
about it and told the local linux group we would be there.

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