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Re: [opensuse-marketing] Re: Our Ambassador Meeting today! Reports, logs and next steps
  • From: "S.Kemter" <buergermeister@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 11 Aug 2010 15:02:26 +0200
  • Message-id: <1281531746.24548.662.camel@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Am Mittwoch, den 11.08.2010, 13:40 +0200 schrieb Jos Poortvliet:
On Tuesday 10 August 2010 22:24:02 S.Kemter wrote:

so its now time to respond to that,

First of all, I'm very glad to see so many people enthusiastic to
discuss ambassador stuff, and I want to thank Carlos for leading the
meeting this past week. I've kept quiet to let you all speak up and
enjoy the ability to offer your inputs.

One thing I want to say, please don't double-post to marketing and
ambassdor mailing lists. If it is about ambassadors, keep it on the
ambassador list. The marketing list is for general openSUSE marketing

point here as I requested the ambassador list it wasnt to have a place
for discussions about ambassadors, it was to reduce my work what I
always have to keep my list with ambassador mail addresses up to date!

So the ambassadors list should not a place for discussions. Its created
to speak to the ambassadors easy nothing more!

Ok, I think here we simply have a little difference of how ppl understood
this mailinglist.

And I think both the 'we need a list to communicate towards the ambasadors'
and 'we need a list where ambasadors can discuss things' are valid needs.

Jos plz ask u self what have they to discuss? Its not better to make 10
new list so that, the ambassadors of north and south america, of africa,
europe and os on haver her own?

Can discussions not made on marketing list or better in IRC? I think
there are mostly 5 for some regions not more. Even in india, ok there
stand arround 30 on the list but how many are active?

The question then is - should that be one, or two lists. I personally think
having two lists is not very efficient, I guess you agree? If you do, I think
we should just acknowledge we had a little misunderstanding here - which is
typical for online communication. Nobody has to be blamed... Shit happens and
we can move on.

If you think we should have two lists the ambasadors should sign up for, I'd
love to hear your arguments so the team can discuss it.

There is too much voting here on things that do not require a vote.
Voting should be used when there is a need to agree on organizational
issues. If you vote on every little detail, then it lessen the value of
a vote. Please see my comments below:

Find that very funny, at the most topics havent to be a discussion. 2
reasons most of them are discussed before without a practicable
solution. And all of them are the back of the horse, and its better to
begin on front ;)

Why that can happen is really simple, there is a new person to the
project and get a task like this. Ok, he stepped forward as there was
the question for an volunteer.

Can it be that I invest since a long time working on improve the
ambassador program? Can it be suseROCKs and AJaeger know that?

So in Germany its simple, when u give another person a task where is
another working on, then u are not happy with his work.

So I ask here now suseROCKs and AJaeger u are unhappy with my work? If
not, then explain me why that ambassador meeting was called this way!

So I can't speak for both of them, but I did already say something about this
on IRC. First of all, I doubt they are unhappy with your work - both have
said to me in private several times that you are doing a great job. So that
is not the point.

that question was for them ;)

I think things in the FOSS world simply work different from germany - if a
job is assigned, it still doesn't mean if someone else comes up and offers to
help, he /she can't go ahead and do it. As long as it is communicated (so no
work is done twice) there shouldn't be a problem - if you think it wasn't
done well enough, you can comment, help out, improve it. It's all open and
public, after all.

there is no problem to work together on such a thing on the contrary

As I said on IRC, we should be happy if someone takes up a job we were
supposed to do: it means you can do something else, and there is plenty of

Now I know some jobs are simply nice to do, as they are either fun or have
some status attached to them. Such things can be a bit more sensitive. Now I
don't know to what extend this was discussed, however, I would call on
everyone to think about that: if someone is supposed to do something, be
careful with taking it over. Discuss it with that person first: make clear it
is NOT because he/she doesn't do a good job, but because you have time and
are interested in doing it.

In this case, it would've been nice if Carlos, who wanted to do this,
contacted gnokki and asked him if he's ok with it.

So for me are more importent things in ambassador program to bring all
ambassadors to have her user page in wiki again and have an functional
mail address. And after that to become from all ambassadors work

Now here is another thing: you have different goals and priorities than
others. That is *always* the case, we're all different after all. It doesn't
mean we don't share your goals, but others might just have different

so see if Carlos had setup a schedule with what should ur priorities to
improve the program. There would be no problem ;) on the contrary

I think we must acknowledge that we have different ideas on what is
important. We can discuss it, but don't expect everyone to agree. The only
thing you can really do is work on what YOU think is important...

btw: Carlos Ribeiro where is urs from launch party?

and after that or better I say for let this happen we have to find a way
to publish them in a good way

thats more importent as to have "uniforms" and the other stuff is

When it comes to the specific things which were discussed by Carlos, it is
perfectly OK to say that you disagree with some things, as long as you do it
politely. Understand, again, we're all different. Especially considering
Carlos is from the other side of this planet - we have a cultural barrier
there, too, and you must be consious of that. So disagreement - OK, being

First I have definitly no barrier between me and another culture

u writing about cultural differences thats like differnces between
fedora and ubuntu always looking to fedora ooh they have nice blue
shirts we must have that too.

Why always copying other without a inquiry are we equal at this point?
Its not easier at this time to take that black shirt with the green

I love how Carlos has been so active, and while I might not always agree with
his priorities, what does that matter? He's here and doing good work.

The same goes for you, btw - I don't always agree with you either but that
doesn't mean I don't like you.

of course u dont agree always with me, and that I say sometimes directly
"u are wrong" or "no" that meany not I do not respect u as human being.
I am not a politician I dont be such (sorry) slimy person. I am directly
thats my fashion.

Please keep that in mind - we're all human, we're all different, it's OK to
discuss things but in the end we must accept our differences or we can't work
together anymore.



br gnokii

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