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Re: [opensuse-marketing] Promotional Video Concept for upcoming release
  • From: "Bryen M. Yunashko" <suserocks@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Tue, 29 Jun 2010 12:57:41 -0500
  • Message-id: <1277834261.6671.7311.camel@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
On Tue, 2010-06-29 at 18:23 +0100, Nelson Marques wrote:

I hope you don't understand me wrong with this participation, but I
think it's one of the best Linux promotional videos I've ever seen and
does fit a wide audience. I know it's Fedora, and though I'm a Fedora
Marketing contributor, we weren't even aware of it.

Please notice that openSUSE does offer different value perceived by the
users, and has trump cards like OpenOffice Novell Edition that are
pretty nice. This video is Goddard and GNOME, which also is interesting
if we look by Novell's/OpenSUSE view because once more we applications
like Evolution that are nice.

I would probably fit also somewhere AppArmor ;)

Anyway, this is a just a though on how we can keep simplicity and
deliever a powerful message to our audiences. This video was made by
Russian Fedora (, and from my scope of view
it's the best I've seen promoting Linux.


PS: My goal is not advertising Fedora, just show work from one of our
contributors and eventually show that simplicity can bring finesse and
pass a powerful message. Some references of interest:

My turf: (temporary, soon will swap to
Color Meanings:

On Tue, 2010-06-29 at 22:26 +0530, Shayon Mukherjee wrote:
Hi all,

I missed to discuss this in the meeting today (personal reasons :-) ) .
So I have a concept/idea on what Promo video should be like.Since it is
just a proposal , further additions or opinions are very much welcome.
Before you start - try to imagine the scenario as it goes and sorry in
advance , my writing skills are not excellent :-) so it may be difficult
for you to understand . But together we can work this out.

Layout- The theme of the video will be: Statue feature - people or
rather the surrounding stops (giving an astonished look [1] ) seeing a
person using openSUSE and the feature (the latest additions). And when
the boy moves out (giving a bit strange and cute look) - shut his
Laptops lid , things get back to normal , that is - no one is in statue
mode anymore .

For example , say the First Scene could be-
The boy is with his machine (laptop) in the park (something like this
[2] ) browsing the system also at the same time the feature will be
showcased and a Man passes by, it would great if we make him wear a geek
t-shirt :-) . Okay! , so as soon the man sees the boy working on his
machine the man stops (statue mode) giving an astonished look - a bit
less than this [1] :-) .Then the boys eye turns toward the man , he
wonders what happened and moves out . [[ End of first scene]].

This kind of thing goes on , say for around 2 more scenes , thus making
it more interesting. Say the second scene in a mall?. And then we end
the movie by mentioning "openSUSE XX.X - Get it or stay where you are"
(well we can improvise the statement too- this is just for now :-) )

So now , I am waiting to hear from you all . On how we can modify this
more or you have something else to share? If so plz reply back .

One last thing , this kind of thing can take a lot of time . So IMO it
would be better for 12.0 . Or , am I the only thinking that way :-) ?


Thanks and waiting to hear from you all !

SJ (Shayon)
openSUSE Member

Interesting, it uses to create the video. Will have to look
into that as a potential tool for us to use.

Thanks Nelson!


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