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Re: [opensuse-marketing] Revitalization of Weekly News Team
  • From: Javier Llorente <javier@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 18 Mar 2010 14:09:58 +0100
  • Message-id: <201003181410.19479.javier@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
On Thursday 18 March 2010 12:00:44 S.Kemter wrote:

As you may know, Weekly News Team is organizing biweekly regular IRC
meetings on the #opensuse-newsletter channel on Freenode alternate
Saturdays 14:30 UTC. However, we couldn't start the meetings for the
last several months, because only few people were on the channel at that
time - most of the time there were only Sascha and me. :-(

Thats a normal reaction of ppl. Because there are to often meetings with
no important things. All what Sascha doing is copy and paste reminders -
so maybe noone more is interested in his announcments. Because he does
the same with other meetings.

Meetings are important but they should be only when it is really needed!


I know most of the team members are too busy with their own works to
attend the meetings and the time for the meeting may not be so
convenient for everyone. If members were willing to join the meeting but
happened to be busy at that time, that's not the problem. What I am
afraid of is, lack of interest.

So, if you think you are a part of the Weekly News Team or want to be,
I'd like to ask you:

1) Are you satisfied and having fun with editing/translating Weekly
News? In case the answer is not "Yes", please tell us the reason, if
you can point out.

Make it sence to translate the OWN? No - For what reason should I read
the german newsletter when there only links to english pages are in?
There would be a easy solution for this problem.


I would leave English news in English and have a section with news in the
corresponding language.

2) Do you have any good ideas, proposals and opinions to make Weekly
News much more interesting and attractive both for readers and
editors/translators? "It would be interesting at least for me, if we
..." is considered a good answer. ;-)

Sure I have but I dont find it funny to get a answer "this was always so
we dont change it"

I propose changing the format. Pligg could be an option to consider. Users
(including the oWN staff) would submit news and vote them. The articles with
the most votes would appear in the frontpage.

This would make it more interactive. You could also include videos, polls, etc
directly on the frontpage.

3) Is the meeting time - 14:30 UTC alternate Saturdays - convenient for
you? Over 1 year has passed since we fixed the time, it might be
good chance to reconsider the better time for meetings. Or, if you
think we had better discuss topics on another channel such as
mailinglist, forum, Google Wave, etc., which is unaffected by time,
please tell us your recommendation.

There might be some opinions like "We should ..." and "We have to ...",
but I would rather talk with you about how we can enjoy our work on
Weekly News and provide more interesting and useful newsletters to our
readers. To make things better and more interesting, we always need your
help. ;-)

Thats a little bit a chicken-egg problem. I saw last time often calls
for help from Sascha but I think that does not help.

I think most ppl are not interested in the OWN because I can all things
read on the planet fresher.
The situation with the newsletter have to be changed first then u get
new ppl because the thing the can work on is a good thing ;)

I don't agree.
There are news from other sources. So, not everything is on the planet. And
not all people read the planet on a daily basis.

Change means not to put new sources in, like last time its the same like
read the stories on the planet.
Put in a new picture on the top makes it not better too.

The content is the key to get readers!


br gnokii


Javier Llorente
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