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[opensuse-marketing] build an art team

I found a little problem over artwork for openSUSE, so I'll try to give
some funny examples to illustrate it.
# Alternative
# I've got a bit of a problem over artwork for openSUSE, so I'll try to
give some funny examples to illustrate it.

Yesterday, I had a brief conversation with Zonker on
#opensuse-marketing channel which was triggered by the feature request
on openFATE:

Is openFATE the good place to contribute graphics for openSUSE? I don't
think so, because the screening team has a lot of work to do which
should be taken place.

Just then, I remember the voting that Zonker made the other day for 11.2
DVD cover. Although Raul made a cover just for fun, it was lucky that
zonker recognized it and made a poll.

Jimmac u had right that was the old style

About the same time, I used the same old look for the posters for launch
parties. But with my poster, things got weird. Strainu from Bucarest
came to me and asked the sources for it. I happily accepted his request
and in a short while he got it. But the funny thing is, that he went to
nicubunu and asked him to change the text on it. Why on earth must a
openSUSE member ask the Fedora art team to help with this ?

Btw, nicubunu, googled for the "fifth leg font". Take a look at the

There are a lot more things like that - some time ago I made a twitter
wallpaper for suseROCKs because he would like to have and recently
Zonker also used it. It's funny because he can find that wallpaper in
the wiki. The point here is, when I look in the wiki, there are a lot of
different pages in which I can find artworks. Sometimes I can find a
good artwork and I'm sure the artist who made it has talent for graphic

What do we do with "features" like 308761? Should we decline them
because they are not the things for openFATE or harsher because they are
not good enough? Or, give that guy a room for building up his skills for
graphics in an "art team"?

How should we deal with the other guys who made graphics and have
talent? Let them put their graphics in the wiki and hope others can find
and use them? Or, give them a chance to make graphics as tasks if
needed, in openSUSE Art-Team?

IMO, it is important to give people a good chance to contribute to the
project in such ways.

There were several persons on the marketing channel yesterday and we got
the idea, why not pack such "features" in a package like
"artwork-contrib" and if there are too much candidates, give people the
chance to vote which artwork should be in the package?

I think we have enough talented members and a lot of users who might be
interested in contributing in this way and we can build openSUSE

Are there anyone who think that what I want is right? If the answer is
yes, step forward and say Yes ;)

jimmac & garrett, I think an art team is not really possible without
you. So, I hope you will be the first two guys that step forward.

Then, we should have a meeting, maybe on the artwork channel, yeah we
have such a thing ;) When we have enough people who step forward, I'm
going to make a doodle vote for finding the best date for it.

br gnokii


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