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Re: [opensuse-marketing] GNU/Linux - [THREAD CLOSED]
  • From: Sankar P <sankar.curiosity@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 24 Jun 2009 10:48:03 +0530
  • Message-id: <108af1800906232218q5b20bb1ex3822f170d50f2979@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Hi Abhradip,

On Tue, Jun 23, 2009 at 10:17 AM, Abhradip
mukherjee<abhradip@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
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How much ever hard we GNU people argue, it seems that these Linux
people won't accept our side. It has been more than a decade now ( ) and they
don't seem to accept prefixing GNU. You know what we GNU people should
do ?

We should complete so that we
don't have to fight with these people who insist on omitting GNU. Now,
you channelize all your energy for the completion of Hurd rather than
arguing with these Linux-ey people. We can then call it whatever we
want. That is what winners should do.

Oh. btw,

1) Remove your google groups. bcos, you know Google groups is not
exactly free software. Oh may be stop using at all.
They track all our queries and we lose our freedom.

2) Stop using mobile phones. because they are portable surveillance
and tracking devices (
search for mobile )

Completing Hurd will do more benefit to the cause of free software
than arguing about pre-fixing GNU with these linux hackers in a linux
distro mailing list. So get started :-)

For everyone else,

I am communitily(1) closing the two controversial unproductive
threads. Please stop responding to the two mail threads as it is just
creating noise and doing nothing to help anyone interested in
openSUSE. The moment anyone starts a reply, it is gonna start a flame.
I sent this mail two days back, and it got bounced. This will be the
last mail from me on this thread and I wish everyone make this the
last mail on the thread.

I don't like single-issue people, nor do I think that people who turn
the world into black and white are very nice or ultimately very
useful. --- Linus

Seconded by --- Sankar


Sankar P
All opinions expressed are personal. My employer is not responsible a
bit for any of the words.

(1) - When the word "officially" can be there, why can't we have
"communitily" ;-)
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