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Re: [opensuse-marketing] Announcing the openSUSE Ambassadors Program
Am Donnerstag, den 04.06.2009, 12:12 +0200 schrieb Sascha 'saigkill'
Am Donnerstag 04 Juni 2009 10:34:20 wrote Satoru Matsumoto:
As I mentioned in my previous post, we, Non-English-Speakers, need
some *responsible* contacts whom we can easily ask questions in our
native languages.
That's a good Point +1

So, why don't we start by discussing and brainstorming what are
needed to make this program more effective ?
In my view the Ambassadors are assets in the Bilance. The should make
local Marketing and PR. They should help organizing local events.

I think the following are important:
1.) The A. are representative for the OpenSUSE Project
2.) They read the important Lists (To expand the Knowledge)
3.) They know important things (like Roadmap and others)
4.) Novell are standing behind them and the A. has an local (native
Language) Partner from Novell.
5.) Money: Novell gives the A. money for traveling and hosting. Thats
important. So the A. are free to help in the Country. Novell has a Sales
Volume from 25% and the Profit are tripled. So i think the handfull A.
can getting Money from Novell.

6.) In my meaning it should be better, if the A. are OSMembers. So its
guaranteed, that he have enough Knowledge. But this is just my view ;-)

The Program is to build an "local structure" maybe we should first
define regions! And then sort the Ambassadors List in the wiki with this

I see when I search a guy for vienna/austria to present openSUSE, I must
go to funkypenguin he is the guy for EMEA. ;)

We must the ambassador site give an structure that makes it easy to find
for people outside the project the right guy for his region!

Thats better than scream for visitcards

Then we must find leadfigurs between the ambassadors. People there can
organize the contacts between the event organisators an openSUSE. She
must organize the presentation on the events and the Ambassadors they

such things are important than which color the ambassador shirt has!

mfg gnokii

That's are my favorites.

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