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Re: [opensuse-marketing] spokesperson - first draft
  • From: Andrew Wafaa <awafaa@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Mon, 29 Sep 2008 16:17:39 +0100
  • Message-id: <20080929161739.2c673851@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
On Mon, 29 Sep 2008 09:50:03 -0500
Bryen <suserocks@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

On Mon, 2008-09-29 at 16:13 +0200, Andreas Demmer wrote:
Martin Lasarsch schrieb am Montag 29 September 2008:
we also need a name for it! :-) It would be similar to the
fedora ambassador or Ubuntu LoCo but most of us think that a
unique name for it would help a lot.

How about (best proposals first):
- Evangelists
- Spreaders
- Agents
_ Representatives
- Delegates
- Emissaries


Of all those suggestions, an emissary has the most dignified title.
However, it still gives out a negative connotation in that an emissary
is generally viewed as an outsider offering an olive branch of sorts.
Like it or not, people still have a knee-jerk reaction when they see
Novell (or SUSE by proxy). Example, with my IRC name, suserocks, I
walked into an irc LUG channel yesterday and immediately someone said
"Hide! It's the Novell lynch mob." Silly reaction, but 'emissary'
does boost that silly perception.

Other possible words? (taken from a thesaurus)
Minister (Minister ADemmer has a nice ring to it)

I think we should try and stay close to our beloved mascot, which most
people believe is probably one of the best mascots of any distro - even
some FreeBSD folk like the Geeko. To that end I propose:

Squamata: The family that lizards (including chameleons) belong to
Lacertilia: The order of the lizards (including chameleons)
Reptidon: The joining of Reptiles and the old Italian head of the
family Don (yes like Don Corleone)
Geekonida: A twist on the gecko's Family classification

Yes they sound very bizarre etc, but they have meaning and are
different, non-political/religious.

For something a bit more on the dull side:




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