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Re: [opensuse-m17n] Does our xim process need an update?
在 2015年07月20日 23:08, Takashi Iwai 写道:
On Mon, 20 Jul 2015 16:57:04 +0200,
Fuminobu TAKEYAMA wrote:

> But it's before the window manager or
> other setup gets started, so something weird may happen easily...

That's why chameleon-tongue is launched by XDG autostart.

So, IM at the very first login won't work? The autostart phase is
already after the environment variable setup.

I know if some settings was changed by chameleon tongue,
the user have to log out the session, unfortunately.

I think this is understandable for many users (although annoying).
But if we force users to relogin for activating IM at the first login,
its annoyance factor appears higher.



1, At this point, I still l don't get the reason why we deprecate gnome-initial-setup,
Or create another program like first-boot(fedora), to take the position?
Because it can fix the functionality blank.
2, Another way is create a selection table on GDM. it will call chameleon tongue's desktop file later when customer successfully login.

> Assume that a user switch to Fcitx from IBus from a dialog of
> chameleon-tongue.
> If fcitx is not installed, chameleon-tongue ask if he wants to install
> fcitx.
It's better to active Fcitx at same time. Only a installation will make people confused.

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