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Re: [m17n] What progs modify /etc/fonts/local.conf file?
  • From: Mike FABIAN <mfabian@xxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 9 Dec 2004 15:54:47 +0000 (UTC)
  • Message-id: <s3ty8g7o4aj.fsf@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Philip Amadeo Saeli <psaeli@xxxxxxxxxxxx> さんは書きました:

> Are there any configuration files for the KDE Font Installer (e.g., to
> specify the location of the local.conf file)? I was not able to find
> any significant documentation on it either, though I did find a raw XML
> file, /opt/kde3/share/doc/HTML/en/kcontrol/kcmfontinst/index.docbook,
> which had some info, via the locate command, though I was not able to
> access it via the KDE or SuSE help browsers. How to find such help
> files thru the help browsers?

I don't know of any documentation for kfontinst either.

>> The change done by the KDE font installer to /etc/fonts/local.conf
>> appears to be harmless. It just adds
>> <dir>/usr/X11R6/lib/X11/fonts/</dir>
>> <dir>/opt/kde3/share/fonts</dir>
>> These directories are already in /etc/fonts/fonts.conf so it
>> doesn't make any difference.
> It also added the following, which, in addition to the above, also
> appear in the fonts.conf file:
> <dir>/usr/local/share/fonts</dir>
> <dir>/usr/share/fonts</dir>

It doesn't matter if the same directories are added twice, this can
not be the cause of your problems.

> Additionally, it added all of my local fonts dirs (I have my local fonts
> in a separate filesystem -not- rooted under /usr/local). How did it
> find them? The only place I added entries for them was to the
> XF86Config file (xorg.conf). Does it look there?

Possible. But I'm not sure.

My script /usr/sbin/fonts-config (called by SuSEconfig) looks
into the XF86Config file to find out in which directories
the fonts.scale, fonts.dir, ... files need to be created.
But I don't write anything to /etc/fonts/local.conf.

> So, it appears that, in addition to running SuSEconfig, it is also
> necessary to run the KDE Font Installer to ensure all local fonts are
> made available to the Xft/fontconfig subsystem, right?

If you have additional directories with fonts which are not
sub-directories of directories already present in
/etc/fonts/fonts.conf, /etc/fonts/local.conf or ~/.fonts.conf, you
have to add the directories somehow.

The easiest way in my opinion is to edit /etc/fonts/local.conf or
~/.fonts.conf manually. Running the KDE font installer is not
necessary then.

> One last question: Is Xft/fontconfig yet able to handle BDF or
> CID-keyed fonts?


Support for BDF fonts is implemented but
currently there are severe bugs which make this unusable.

Support for CID-keyed fonts is only partly implemented.
For example

ftview 50 /usr/share/ghostscript/Resource/CIDFont/WadaGo-Bold

shows you the glyphs, i.e. freetype 2.1.9 can open the font
and render the glyphs.

(the font in this example is in the CID-keyed-fonts-Wada rpm package).

But there is no support for the CMaps yet, i.e. the glyphs displayed
with the above command are in no particular order. To make the fonts
usable with Xft/fontconfig, you need Unicode encoded fonts. I.e. both
the font itself and the CMap which maps the glyph order to Unicode are
necessary. freetype doesn't support that yet. There was some
discussion on the freetype mailing list, but it isn't yet implemented.

Mike FABIAN <mfabian@xxxxxxx>

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