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Poblems with scim
  • From: Marc Waeckerlin <Marc.Waeckerlin@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Fri, 25 Jul 2003 11:16:45 +0000 (UTC)
  • Message-id: <200307251316.39737.Marc.Waeckerlin@xxxxxxxxxxx>
I have some questions, problems with SCIM, i.e. the SuSE packages from M.

Intoduction: Since I found no way to install arbitrary RPMs from YaST, I
installed the scim with "rpm -ivh scim*" (and I already tried to recover the
problems with "rpm --rebuilddb" twice). I upgrade my system with YOU daily, I
also downloaded and installed all new SuSE KDE packages.

SCIM corrupts YaST software update:

1) The dependencies seem to be corrupt. I installed scim-0.5.1-0. When I
start YaST, it complains that all other scim packages (scim-config-gconf,
scim-devel, ...) have an unresolved dependency to "scim = 0.5.1-". That
should be "scim = 0.5.1-0", I suppose or better "scim >= 0.5.1".

2) What's worse: If I then click "Ignore All" and "Yes, Really" (or how it is
translated english, I use german), then I get a dialog "Ignore all changes?
Yes/No". This dialog reappears in an endless loop, regardles whether I click
"Yes" or "no". I can no more access YaST software update. The only way is to
kill YaST (with xkill, respectively Ctrl-Alt-Esc). Now, I cannot use the
Grafical/X11 YaST anymore, only the command line YaST! When I deinstall the
SCIM packages, YaST works again...

Next problem: PinYin:

1) What's "Smart" Chinese Pin Yin?
- Is there a "normal" Chinese Pin Yin (preferabely open source)?
- Does "Smart" mean "automatic reordering" or "automatic completion"?
If so, then I'd prefer a "non smart" Pin Yin...

2) Isn't it allowed to mirror the Pin Yin method in mfabian's home?
Get all from the same source would make installation easier.

3) Will a Pin Yin method for SCIM be included in next SuSE?

4) RPM Installation of Smart Pin Yin fails with message: "error:
scim-chinese-0.2.3-1ul1.i386.rpm cannot be installed", unfortunately with no
reason why it cannot be installed.

Any ideas, other experiences?


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