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[opensuse-kubic] New Kubic snapshot 20201026 released!
  • From: Richard Brown <rbrown@xxxxxxx>
  • Date: Tue, 27 Oct 2020 23:05:31 +0000
  • Message-id: <160383993118.3412.9048463159103645757@go-agent-stagingbot-1>

Please note that this mail was generated by a script.
The described changes are computed based on the x86_64 DVD.
The full online repo contains too many changes to be listed here.

Please check the known defects of this snapshot before upgrading:

Please do not reply to this email to report issues, rather file a bug on
For more information on filing bugs please see
Packages changed:
glib2 (2.64.6 -> 2.66.2)
kernel-source (5.8.15 -> 5.9.1)
libpwquality (1.4.2 -> 1.4.4)
microos-tools (2.5 -> 2.6)
open-vm-tools (11.1.5 -> 11.2.0)
transactional-update (2.27 -> 2.28)

=== Details ===

==== dhcp ====
Subpackages: dhcp-client

- Complete the /var/run -> /run migration by renaming
/var/lib/dhcp/var/run accordingly (boo#1177951).

==== glib2 ====
Version update (2.64.6 -> 2.66.2)
Subpackages: glib2-tools libgio-2_0-0 libglib-2_0-0 libgmodule-2_0-0

- Enable building of documentation:
+ Toggle gtk_doc from bcond_with to bcond_without.
+ Use sed to replace gtk-doc version in
docs/reference/ with 1.32.
- Update to version 2.66.2:
+ Important and time-critical fix to DST transitions which will
happen in Europe on 2020-10-25 on distributions which use the
?slim? tzdata format (which is now the default in tzdata/tzcode
+ Further timezone handling changes to restore support for
changing the timezone when `/etc/localtime/` changes.
+ Fix deadlock on Windows when `G_SLICE` is set in the
+ Fix UTF-8 validation when escaping URI components.
+ Updated translations.
- Update to version 2.66.1:
+ A performance problem where timezones were reloaded from disk
every time a `GTimeZone` was created has been fixed, but this
means that changes to `/etc/localtime` will not take effect
until a process restarts; future changes in a subsequent 2.66.x
release will improve this.
+ Security fix for incorrect scope/zone ID parsing in URIs.
+ Updated translations.
- Update to version 2.66.0:
+ * Bugs fixed:
- Missing tab in makefile rule.
- guri: Fix user passed to g_uri_split_with_user() not being
+ Updated translations.
- Update to version 2.65.3:
+ Fixes to the new `statx()` calls ? note that since GLib 2.65.2
uses `statx()` (if available) instead of
`stat()`/`fstat()`/`lstat()`/`fstatat()`, syscall sandboxing
for third party applications might need to be updated.
+ Updated translations.
- Update to version 2.65.2:
+ Support `statx()` and `G_FILE_ATTRIBUTE_TIME_CREATED`.
+ Fix deadlock in `g_subprocess_communicate_async()`.
+ Add `%f`/microsecond placeholder support to
- Changes from version 2.65.1:
+ Add `GUri` API for parsing, building and representing URIs
according to [RFC 3986](
+ Fix handling of xattr data with embedded nuls.
+ Add `g_file_set_contents_full()` which gives more control over
+ Add a `x-gvfs-notrash` option to disable trash on certain
+ Support ?slim? TZif files generated with `zic -b slim`.
+ Support emitting profiling marks from `GMainContext` to sysprof
capture files.
+ Accept IPv6 zone IDs in `g_hostname_is_ip_address()`.
+ Updated translations.
- Rebase glib2-gdbus-codegen-version.patch.
- Build without gtk-doc: it would require a not yet released
version of gtk-doc.

==== grub2 ====
Subpackages: grub2-i386-pc grub2-snapper-plugin grub2-x86_64-efi

- Fix grub2-install error with "failed to get canonical path of
`/boot/grub2/i386-pc'." (bsc#1177957)
* Modified 0002-grub-install-Avoid-incompleted-install-on-i386-pc.patch
- Fix https boot interrupted by unrecognised network address error message
* 0001-add-support-for-UEFI-network-protocols.patch
- grub2.spec: Fix bare words used as string in expression which is no longer
allowed in rpm 4.16
- Improve the error handling when grub2-install fails with short mbr gap
* 0001-Warn-if-MBR-gap-is-small-and-user-uses-advanced-modu.patch
* 0002-grub-install-Avoid-incompleted-install-on-i386-pc.patch

==== kernel-source ====
Version update (5.8.15 -> 5.9.1)

- vt_ioctl: fix GIO_UNIMAP regression (5.9 GIO_UNIMAP regression).
- commit 15946ea
- pack scripts/ into kernel-$flavor-devel
Since mainline commit 596b0474d3d9 ("kbuild: preprocess module linker
script") in 5.10-rc1, scripts/ linker script is needed to build
out of tree modules. Add it into kernel-$flavor-devel subpackage.
- commit fe37c16
- drm/amd/display: Don't invoke kgdb_breakpoint() unconditionally
- drm/amd/display: Fix kernel panic by dal_gpio_open() error
- commit 3f21462
- series.conf: cleanup
- move to "almost mainline" section:
- commit 8e0635b
- Refresh
Update upstream status.
- commit 7b40cc9
- Linux 5.9.1 (bsc#1012628).
- Bluetooth: MGMT: Fix not checking if BT_HS is enabled
- media: usbtv: Fix refcounting mixup (bsc#1012628).
- USB: serial: option: add Cellient MPL200 card (bsc#1012628).
- USB: serial: option: Add Telit FT980-KS composition
- staging: comedi: check validity of wMaxPacketSize of usb
endpoints found (bsc#1012628).
- USB: serial: pl2303: add device-id for HP GC device
- USB: serial: ftdi_sio: add support for FreeCalypso JTAG+UART
adapters (bsc#1012628).
- vt_ioctl: make VT_RESIZEX behave like VT_RESIZE (bsc#1012628).
- reiserfs: Initialize inode keys properly (bsc#1012628).
- reiserfs: Fix oops during mount (bsc#1012628).
- Revert "drm/amdgpu: Fix NULL dereference in dpm sysfs handlers"
- crypto: bcm - Verify GCM/CCM key length in setkey (bsc#1012628).
- crypto: qat - check cipher length for aead AES-CBC-HMAC-SHA
- commit b7f511b
- update patches metadata
- update upstream references:
- commit b1f22f7

==== libpwquality ====
Version update (1.4.2 -> 1.4.4)
Subpackages: libpwquality-tools libpwquality1 pam_pwquality

- update to 1.4.4
* e11f2bd Fix regression with enabling cracklib check
* 02e6728 Use make macros in rpm spec file
* xxxxxxx Translated using Weblate (Polish, Turkish, Ukrainian)
- update to 1.4.3
* 1213d33 Update translation files
* a951fbe Add --disable-cracklib-check configure parameter
* 6a8845b fixup static compilation
* 92c6066 python: Add missing getters/setters for newly added settings
* bfef79d Add usersubstr check
* 09a2e65 pam_pwquality: Add debug message for the local_users_only option
* a6f7705 Fix some gcc warnings
* 8c8a260 pwmake: Properly validate the bits parameter.
* 7be4797 we use Fedora Weblate now
* xxxxxxx Translated using Weblate (Azerbaijani, Bulgarian,
Chinese (Simplified), Czech, French, Friulian, Hungarian, Italian,
Japanese, Norwegian Bokmål, Persian, Russian, Spanish, Turkish)

==== microos-tools ====
Version update (2.5 -> 2.6)

- Update to version 2.6
- Don't delete autorelabel file in initrd

==== open-vm-tools ====
Version update (11.1.5 -> 11.2.0)
Subpackages: libvmtools0

- Update to 11.2.0 (build 16938113) (boo#1177987)
+ Fixed memory leak occurs in disk device mapping information for IDE,
SATA or SAS (LSI Logic SAS) disks configured in the guest.
+ The following issues and pull requests reported on have been addressed:
+ A number of Coverity reported errors and false positives have been
+ A complete list of the granular changes that are in the open-vm-tools
11.2.0 release is available at:
- Update pam-vmtoolsd.patch (boo#1177987): removed the line
from the new suse file. Modified the to copy the suse file to
the /etc/pam.d/vmtoolsd file rather than the default generic file.

==== transactional-update ====
Version update (2.27 -> 2.28)
Subpackages: transactional-update-zypp-config

- Version 2.28
- Add 'setup-selinux' command for easy setup of a SELinux system
- Allow complex commands for the 'run' command
- SELinux: Fix /etc / overlay labeling

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