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[opensuse-kubic] New ARM Kubic snapshot 20201022 released!
  • From: Guillaume Gardet <guillaume.gardet@xxxxxxx>
  • Date: Mon, 26 Oct 2020 11:05:39 +0000
  • Message-id: <160371033970.19114.10523079789446826472@go-agent-stagingbot-4>

Please note that this mail was generated by a script.
The described changes are computed based on the aarch64 DVD.
The full online repo contains too many changes to be listed here.

Please check the known defects of this snapshot before upgrading:

Please do not reply to this email to report issues, rather file a bug on
For more information on filing bugs please see
Packages changed:
ca-certificates-mozilla (2.42 -> 2.44)
curl (7.72.0 -> 7.73.0)
lsof (4.91 -> 4.93.2)
ncurses (6.2.20200912 -> 6.2.20201010)
perl-Bootloader (0.931 -> 0.932)
rpm-config-SUSE (0.g56 -> 0.g60)

=== Details ===

==== ca-certificates-mozilla ====
Version update (2.42 -> 2.44)

- Updated to 2.44 state of the Mozilla NSS Certificate store (bsc#1177864)
- Removed CAs:
- EE Certification Centre Root CA
- Taiwan GRCA
- Added CAs:
- Trustwave Global Certification Authority
- Trustwave Global ECC P256 Certification Authority
- Trustwave Global ECC P384 Certification Authority

==== curl ====
Version update (7.72.0 -> 7.73.0)
Subpackages: libcurl4

- Update to 7.73.0
* Changes:
- curl: add --output-dir
- curl: support XDG_CONFIG_HOME to find .curlrc
- curl: update --help with categories
- curl_easy_option_*: new API for meta-data about easy options
- CURLE_PROXY: new error code
- mqtt: enable by default
- sftp: add new quote commands 'atime' and 'mtime'
- ssh: add the option CURLKHSTAT_FINE_REPLACE
- tls: add CURLOPT_SSL_EC_CURVES and --curves
* Bugfixes:
- base64: also build for smtp, pop3 and imap
- cleanups: avoid curl_ on local variables
- configure: let --enable-debug set -Wenum-conversion with gcc >= 10
- conn: check for connection being dead before reuse
- curl: in retry output don't call all problems "transient"
- curl: make checkpasswd, file2memory, file2string and
glob_match_url use dynbuf
- curl: retry delays in parallel mode no longer sleeps blocking
- curl: use curlx_dynbuf for realloc when loading config files
- curl:parallel_transfers: make sure retry readds the transfer
- curl_get_line: build only if cookies or alt-svc are enabled
- Curl_pgrsTime - return new time to avoid timeout integer overflow
- Curl_send: return error when pre_receive_plain can't malloc
- dynbuf: make sure Curl_dyn_tail() zero terminates
- etag: save and use the full received contents
- ftp: a 550 response to SIZE returns CURLE_REMOTE_FILE_NOT_FOUND
- ftp: avoid risk of reading uninitialized integers
- ftp: get rid of the PPSENDF macro
- ftp: make a 552 response return CURLE_REMOTE_DISK_FULL
- ftp: separate FTPS from FTP over "HTTPS proxy"
- HTTP/3: update to OpenSSL_1_1_1g-quic-draft-29
- http: consolidate nghttp2_session_mem_recv() call paths
- http_proxy: do not count proxy headers in the header bytecount
- http_proxy: do not crash with HTTPS_PROXY and NO_PROXY set
- imap: make imap_send use dynbuf for the send buffer management
- imap: set cselect_bits to CURL_CSELECT_IN initially
- lib1560: verify "redirect" to double-slash leading URL
- lib: make Curl_gethostname accept a const pointer
- libssh2: handle the SSH protocols done over HTTPS proxy
- libssh2: pass on the error from ssh_force_knownhost_key_type
- memdebug: remove 9 year old unused debug function
- multi: expand pre-check for socket readiness
- ngtcp2: adapt to new NGTCP2_PROTO_VER_MAX define
- ngtcp2: adapt to the new pkt_info arguments
- openssl: avoid error conditions when importing native CA
- openssl: consider ALERT_CERTIFICATE_EXPIRED a failed verification
- parsedate: tune the date to epoch conversion
- pause: only trigger a reread if the unpause sticks
- pingpong: use a dynbuf for the *_pp_sendf() function
- runtests: allow creating files without newlines
- runtests: allow generating a binary sequence from hex
- runtests: clear pid variables when failing to start a server
- schannel: fix memory leak when using get_cert_location
- schannel: return CURLE_PEER_FAILED_VERIFICATION for untrusted root
- sectransp: make it build with --disable-proxy
- select.h: make socket validation macros test for INVALID_SOCKET
- select: align poll emulation to return all relevant events
- select: fix poll-based check not detecting connect failure
- select: simplify return code handling for poll and select
- setopt: if the buffer exists, refuse the new BUFFERSIZE
- setopt: return CURLE_BAD_FUNCTION_ARGUMENT on bad argument
- socketpair: allow CURL_DISABLE_SOCKETPAIR
- sockfilt: handle FD_CLOSE winsock event on write socket
- symbian: drop support
- tests: remove pipelining tests
- tls: fix SRP detection by using the proper #ifdefs
- tls: provide the CApath verbose log on its own line
- tool_setopt: escape binary data to hex, not octal
- url: use blank credentials when using proxy w/o username and password
- urlapi: use more Curl_safefree
- vtls: deduplicate client certificates in ssl_config_data

==== glib2-branding-openSUSE ====

- Add priority of 20 to gschema override, otherwise you can't
override it

==== iputils ====

- Reference meson's build subdirectory as %_vpath_builddir, to
line up with meson's structure.

==== lsof ====
Version update (4.91 -> 4.93.2)

- update to 4.93.2:
The maintainership is switched from Vic to lsof-org
Made FreeBSD 13 adjustment.
Fix a typo causing a build error.
Fix a potential memory leak.
[linux] use tirpc for rpc if libc doesn't provide rpc.h.
Fix a typo in man page.
fix memory leaks detected by valgrind about unix endpoint
Update the description about -fg and -fG options on linux.
Fix a broken symbolic link.
Update the version number embedded in lsof executable.
- lsof-no-build-date-etc.patch: refreshed against newer base

==== ncurses ====
Version update (6.2.20200912 -> 6.2.20201010)
Subpackages: libncurses6 ncurses-utils terminfo-base

- Add ncurses patch 20201010
+ correct sgr in aaa+rv (report by Florian Weimer) -TD
+ fix some sgr inconsistencies in d230c, ibm6153, ibm6154,
ncrvt100an -TD
+ improve tic's check for errors detected in tparm (prompted by
discussion with Florian Weimer).
+ set output-mode to binary in experimental Windows-10 driver (Juergen
- Add ncurses patch 20201003
+ remove output-related checks for nl/nonl (report by Leon Winter).
+ change tmux's kbs to ^? (report by Premysl Eric Janouch)
+ simplify mlterm initialization with DECSTR -TD
+ fix a typo in man/curs_terminfo.3 (Reuben Thomas).
+ add tmux-direct (tmux #2370)
+ add user-defined capabilities from mintty to Caps-ncurses, for
checking consistency with tic.
- Add ncurses patch 20200926
+ correct configure-check for gnurx library.
+ regenerate llib-* files.
+ modify tracemunch and the panel library to show readable traces for
panel- and user-pointers.
- Add ncurses patch 20200919
+ update mlterm3 for 3.9.0 (report by Premysl Eric Janouch) -TD
- Add ncurses patch 20200918
+ corrected condition for appending to the generated
curses.h (report by Sven Joachim, Debian #970545).

==== perl-Bootloader ====
Version update (0.931 -> 0.932)

- merge gh#openSUSE/perl-bootloader#131
- grub2 install: honor UPDATE_NVRAM in /etc/sysconfig/bootloader
(bsc#1157550 jsc#SLE-11500).
- 0.932

==== python38 ====

- Fix build with RPM 4.16: error: bare words are no longer
supported, please use "...": x86 == ppc.

==== python38-core ====
Subpackages: libpython3_8-1_0 python38-base

- Fix build with RPM 4.16: error: bare words are no longer
supported, please use "...": x86 == ppc.

==== rpm ====
Subpackages: librpmbuild9

- Backport FA_TOUCH fixes from upsteam [bnc#1175025] [bnc#1177428]
* new patch: touch_backport.diff
- Add patch to fix finddebuginfo when no res.* file are found:
* finddebuginfo-check-res-file.patch

==== rpm-config-SUSE ====
Version update (0.g56 -> 0.g60)

- Update to version 0.g60:
* Add VPATH macros from RH/Fedora to make upstream Meson macros work
* Don't limit locale match to /usr/share/locale

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