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[opensuse-kubic] New MicroOS snapshot 20201007 released!
  • From: Richard Brown <rbrown@xxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 08 Oct 2020 13:04:55 +0000
  • Message-id: <160216229539.22112.11807272777167766633@go-agent-stagingbot-7>

Please note that this mail was generated by a script.
The described changes are computed based on the x86_64 DVD.
The full online repo contains too many changes to be listed here.

Please check the known defects of this snapshot before upgrading:

Please do not reply to this email to report issues, rather file a bug on
For more information on filing bugs please see
Packages changed:
checkpolicy (3.0 -> 3.1)
gettext-runtime (0.20.2 -> 0.21)
glibc (2.31 -> 2.32)
ibus (1.5.22 -> 1.5.23)
installation-images-MicroOS (16.19 -> 16.22)
libselinux (3.0 -> 3.1)
libsemanage (3.0 -> 3.1)
libsepol (3.0 -> 3.1)
mcstrans (3.0 -> 3.1)
ncurses (6.2.20200711 -> 6.2.20200912)
policycoreutils (3.0 -> 3.1)
restorecond (3.0 -> 3.1)
sysvinit (2.96 -> 2.97)

=== Details ===

==== alsa-plugins ====

- Placeholder for SLE15-SP3 sync: jsc#SLE-11987
no functional changes at all

==== checkpolicy ====
Version update (3.0 -> 3.1)

- Update to version 3.1
* checkpolicy treats invalid characters as an error - might break rare use
cases (intentionally)
* Drop extern_te_assert_t.patch, is upstream

==== gettext-runtime ====
Version update (0.20.2 -> 0.21)
Subpackages: libtextstyle0

- Add multiple new features (bsc#1165138)
- Add patches:
* 0001-msgcat-Add-feature-to-use-the-newest-po-file.patch
* 0002-msgcat-Merge-headers-when-use-first.patch
- Reintroduce utoreconf call
- Update to 0.21:
* Programming languages support:
- Shell:
o xgettext now recognizes and ignores 'env' invocations and environment
variable assignments in front of commands.
- Java:
o xgettext now recognizes format strings in the Formatter syntax. They
are marked as 'java-printf-format' in POT and PO files.
o xgettext now recognizes text blocks as string literals.
- JavaScript:
xgettext parses JSX expressions more reliably.
- Ruby:
o xgettext now supports Ruby.
o 'msgfmt -c' now verifies the syntax of translations of Ruby format
* Improvements for translators:
- When msgfmt writes a MO file, it now does so in such a way that processes
that are currently using an older copy of the MO file will not crash.
* Libtextstyle:
- Added support for emitting hyperlinks.
- New API for doing formatted output.
- The example programs support the NO_COLOR environment variable.

==== glibc ====
Version update (2.31 -> 2.32)
Subpackages: glibc-locale glibc-locale-base

- Keep nsswitch.conf in /etc for SLES15
- syslog-locking.patch: Correct locking and cancellation cleanup in syslog
functions (bsc#1172085, BZ #26100)
- ifunc-fma4.patch: x86-64: Fix FMA4 detection in ifunc (BZ #26534)
- Update to glibc 2.32
* Unicode 13.0.0 Support
* New locale added: ckb_IQ
* The GNU C Library now loads audit modules listed in the DT_AUDIT and
DT_DEPAUDIT dynamic section entries of the main executable
* powerpc64le supports IEEE128 long double libm/libc redirects when
using the -mabi=ieeelongdouble to compile C code on supported GCC
* To help detect buffer overflows and other out-of-bounds accesses
several APIs have been annotated with GCC 'access' attribute
* On Linux, functions the pthread_attr_setsigmask_np and
pthread_attr_getsigmask_np have been added
* The GNU C Library now provides the header file <sys/single_threaded.h>
which declares the variable __libc_single_threaded
* The functions sigabbrev_np and sigdescr_np have been added
* The functions strerrorname_np and strerrordesc_np have been added
* AArch64 now supports standard branch protection security hardening
in glibc when it is built with a GCC that is configured with
- -enable-standard-branch-protection (or if -mbranch-protection=standard
flag is passed when building both GCC target libraries and glibc,
in either case a custom GCC is needed)
* The deprecated <sys/sysctl.h> header and the sysctl function have been
* The sstk function is no longer available to newly linked binaries
* The legacy signal handling functions siginterrupt, sigpause, sighold,
sigrelse, sigignore and sigset, and the sigmask macro have been
* ldconfig now defaults to the new format for
* The deprecated arrays sys_siglist, _sys_siglist, and sys_sigabbrev
are no longer available to newly linked binaries, and their declarations
have been removed from <string.h>
* The deprecated symbols sys_errlist, _sys_errlist, sys_nerr, and _sys_nerr
are no longer available to newly linked binaries, and their declarations
have been removed from from <stdio.h>
* Both strerror and strerror_l now share the same internal buffer in the
calling thread, meaning that the returned string pointer may be invalided
or contents might be overwritten on subsequent calls in the same thread or
if the thread is terminated
* Using weak references to libpthread functions such as pthread_create
or pthread_key_create to detect the singled-threaded nature of a
program is an obsolescent feature
* The "files" NSS module no longer supports the "key" database (used for
secure RPC)
* The __morecore and __after_morecore_hook malloc hooks and the default
implementation __default_morecore have been deprecated
* The hesiod NSS module has been deprecated and will be removed in a
future version of glibc
* CVE-2016-10228: An infinite loop has been fixed in the iconv program when
invoked with the -c option and when processing invalid multi-byte input
* CVE-2020-10029: Trigonometric functions on x86 targets suffered from stack
corruption when they were passed a pseudo-zero argument
* CVE-2020-1752: A use-after-free vulnerability in the glob function when
expanding ~user has been fixed.
* CVE-2020-6096: A signed comparison vulnerability in the ARMv7 memcpy and
memmove functions has been fixed
- riscv-syscall-clobber.patch, ldbl-96-rem-pio2l.patch,
long-double-alias.patch: Removed

==== ibus ====
Version update (1.5.22 -> 1.5.23)
Subpackages: libibus-1_0-5 typelib-1_0-IBus-1_0

- Update version to 1.5.23
* Generate simple.xml with denylist 6042974 508527d 37db75b 6879879 59b902a
568d58d 6ed34f3 5959d6f 5d67a28 394d9a8 ed7bc8d e938846 3aa670e 0d90da4
* Accept xdigits only for Unicode typing a440942
* Update emoji-parser with CLDR emoji annotation release-31-0-1 9a9f828
* Update ibusunicodegen.h with unicode-ucd 13.0.0 e10fc89
* Delete deprecated ENABLE_APPINDICATOR_ENGINE_ICON check aa3a9f0
* Fix SEGV 02105c4 f591381
* Fix some errors in ibus-desktop-testing-runner 7b0d091 8da0167
* Refactor source files 0b9d936 0ad5e9a
* Fix string formats in translatable strings 7caead1 f8c468a ce865f6
* Use WAYLAND_DISPLAY on Wayland sessions to make up IBus socket name (Carlos
Garnacho) 8ce2520
* Skip parsing of compose sequence with invalid keysyms (Neil Shepperd)
* Tell Pango about the engine language in the candidate panel (Aaron Muir
Hamilton) 3f098dc 79a09f1
* Fix for several error spotted by static analyzer (ntfs.hard) 00adea6
* Remove glib_check_version() in gtk immodule (Changwoo Ryu) 5765bfd
* Build the Emoji dictionaries in parallel (Changwoo Ryu) 59d0de4
* Update translation
- Drop 0001-Replace-the-Qt-check-for-appindicator-engine-icon-wi.patch,
ibus-socket-name-compatibility.patch. Merged by upstream
- Update ibus.spec: Drop the is_opensuse macro to eliminate the
difference between SLE-15 and openSUSE-Leap (jsc#SLE-11653).
- Move xim.d files to /usr/etc when available, which is
currently Tumbleweed only (boo#1176431)

==== installation-images-MicroOS ====
Version update (16.19 -> 16.22)

- merge gh#openSUSE/installation-images#428
- include all of xorg-x11-server
- 16.22
- merge gh#openSUSE/installation-images#427
- ensure /proc is mounted in chroot environments (bsc#1176972)
- 16.21
- merge gh#openSUSE/installation-images#426
- Extra yast module for common criteria (boo#1176982)
- 16.20

==== libselinux ====
Version update (3.0 -> 3.1)
Subpackages: libselinux1 selinux-tools

- Update to version 3.1:
* selinux/flask.h, selinux/av_permissions.h and sepol/policydb/flask.h were
removed. All userspace object managers should have been updated to use the
dynamic class/perm mapping support.
Use string_to_security_class(3) and string_to_av_perm(3) to map the class
and permission names to their policy values, or selinux_set_mapping(3) to
create a mapping from class and permission index values used by the
application to the policy values.
* Removed restrictions in libsepol and checkpolicy that required all declared
initial SIDs to be assigned a context.
* Support for new policy capability genfs_seclabel_symlinks
* selinuxfs is mounted with noexec and nosuid
* `security_compute_user()` was deprecated

==== libsemanage ====
Version update (3.0 -> 3.1)

- Add /var/lib/selinux
- Remove libsemanage-update-map-file.patch to prevent checkers from declining
the submission. Keeping the snippet in the spec file in case we try to
enable LTO again
- Update to version 3.1
* Improved manpage
* fsync final files before rename
- Disabled LTO again. This breaks e.g. shadow and also other packages
in security:SELinux
- Fix build with LTO: [bsc#1133102]
* Enable LTO (Link Time Optimization) and build with -ffat-lto-objects
* Update map file to include new symbols and remove wildcards
- Add libsemanage-update-map-file.patch

==== libsepol ====
Version update (3.0 -> 3.1)

- Update to version 3.1
* Add support for new polcap genfs_seclabel_symlinks
* Initialize the multiple_decls field of the cil db
* Return error when identifier declared as both type and attribute
* Write CIL default MLS rules on separate lines
* Sort portcon rules consistently
* Remove leftovers of cil_mem_error_handler
* Drop remove_cil_mem_error_handler.patch, is included

==== mcstrans ====
Version update (3.0 -> 3.1)

- Update to version 3.1
* fix memory leak in new_context_str

==== mozilla-nss ====
Subpackages: libfreebl3 libsoftokn3 mozilla-nss-certs

- Add patch to fix build on aarch64 - boo#1176934:
* nss-freebl-fix-aarch64.patch

==== ncurses ====
Version update (6.2.20200711 -> 6.2.20200912)
Subpackages: libncurses6 ncurses-utils terminfo-base

- Add ncurses patch 20200912
+ add configure-check for systre/tre with mingw configuration, to get
the library-dependencies as seen in msys2 configuration for mingw64.
+ build-fixes for the win32-driver configuration.
+ use more defensive binary mode setting for Win32 (Juergen Pfeifer).
- Add ncurses patch 20200907
+ fix regression in setupterm validating non-empty $TERM (report by
Soren Tempel).
- Add ncurses patch 20200906
+ merge/adapt in-progress work by Juergen Pfeifer for new version of
+ correct description of vt330/vt340 (Ross Combs).
- Add ncurses patch 20200831
+ build-fix for awk-scripts modified for win32-driver (report by Werner
- Drop workaround patch awk-scripts.patch as now upstream fixed
- Add patch awk-scripts.patch as workaround for patch 20200829
- Add ncurses patch 20200829
+ remove a redundant NCURSES_EXPORT as a build-fix for "Maarten
+ merge/adapt in-progress work by Juergen Pfeifer for new version of
+ modify configure script, moving gcc -Werror options to EXTRA_CFLAGS
to avoid breaking configure-checks (adapted from ongoing work on
mawk and lynx).
> errate for terminfo.src (report by Florian Weimer):
+ correct icl6404 csr
+ correct ti916 cup
+ improve ndr9500
- Refresh patch ncurses-6.2.dif
- Add ncurses patch 20200822
+ improve version-number extraction in
+ make the test-package for manpages installable by adjusting the
man_db.renames file.
+ correct an off-by-one loop-limit in convert_strings function
(report by Yue Tai).
+ add CF_SHARED_OPTS cases for HPE NonStop systems (Randall S Becker).
+ modify CF_SHARED_OPTS case for NetBSD to use the same "-shared"
option for the non-rpath case as for the rpath case, to allow gcc to
provide suitable runtime initialization (report by Rajeev V Pillai).
- Disable wgetch-events as it is deprecated and breaks build of
other packages
- Add ncurses patch 20200817
+ reduce build-warnings by excluding ncurses-internals from deprecation
+ mark wgetch-events feature as deprecated.
+ add definition for $(LIBS) to ncurses/, to simplify builds
using the string-hacks option.
+ prevent KEY_EVENT from appearing in curses.h unless the configure
option --enable-wgetch-events is used (report by Werner Fink).
- Add ncurses patch 20200816
+ amend tic/infocmp check to allow for the respective tool's absence
(report by Steve Wills, cf: 20200808).
+ improved some of the build-scripts with shellcheck
+ filter out -MT/-MD/-MTd/-MDd options in script for Visual Studio C++
(discussion with "Maarten Anonymous").
- Add ncurses patch 20200808
+ improve discussion of the system's tic utility when used as part
of cross-compiling (discussion with Keith Marshall).
+ modify configuration checks for build-time tic/infocmp to use
AC_CHECK_TOOL. That can still be overridden by --with-tic-path and
- -with-infocmp-path when fallbacks are used, but even if not using
fallbacks, the improved check may help with cross-compiling
(discussion with Keith Marshall).
+ other build-fixes for Ada95 with MinGW.
+ modify Ada95 source-generation utility to write to a file given as
parameter rather than to the standard output, allowing builds with
- Add ncurses patch 20200801
+ remove remaining parts of checks for ISC Unix (cf: 20121006).
+ add user32.lib to LDFLAGS for Visual Studio C++ configuration
(discussion with "Maarten Anonymous").
+ modify to hide ncurses' definition of KEY_EVENTS to
reduce Visual Studio C++ redefinition warnings.
+ improve/update checks for external functions in test/configure
- Add ncurses patch 20200725
+ set LINK_TESTS in CF_SHARED_OPTS for msvc (patch by
"Maarten Anonymous")
+ improved workaround for redefinition-warnings for KEY_EVENT.
+ improve man/term.5 section on legacy storage format (report by
Florian Weimer).
- Add ncurses patch 20200718
+ reduce redefinition-warnings for KEY_EVENT when building with Visual
Studio C++.
+ define NCURSES_STATIC when compiling programs to link with static
libraries, to work with MinGW vs Visual Studio C++.
> additional changes for building with Visual Studio C++ and msys2
(reports/patches by "Maarten Anonymous")
+ modify c++/ to set the current directory while compiling
the main program, so the linker can find related objects.
+ several changes to allow the c++/demo program to compile/link.
+ change an ifdef in test-directory, to use VC++ wide-character funcs.

==== policycoreutils ====
Version update (3.0 -> 3.1)

- Add get_os_version.patch
get_os_version is implemented in a very RH/Fedora specific way.
Ensure that it returns a valid string for SUSE by changing the
default. Also remove the RH specific logic when generating HTML
versions of the SELinux documentation
- Align more with Fedora spec file to get rid of python dependencies
in the core system
- create new python-utils sub-package
- move some tools to devel sub-package
- Cleanup dependencies
- Proper default permissions for newrole (4755)
- Update to version 3.1
* New `setfiles -E` option - treat conflicting specifications as errors, such
as where two hardlinks for the same inode have different contexts.
* `setsebool -V` reports errors from commit phase
* matchpathcon related interfaces are deprecated
* New `restorecon -x` option which prevents it from crossing file system
* boundaries.
* `sepolgen-ifgen` parses a gen_tunable statement as bool
* Removed Requires for python3-ipy as the ipaddress module is used. No
requires for python-ipaddress as it's assumed this is used only on recent
* Drop chcat_join.patch, is upstream

==== restorecond ====
Version update (3.0 -> 3.1)

- Update to version 3.1
* `restorecond_user.service` - new systemd user service which runs
`restorecond -u`

==== sysvinit ====
Version update (2.96 -> 2.97)

- Drop /bin/pidof and /sbin/pidof, including corresponding man
page: let's switch to pidof as provided by procps-ng.
- Update to sysvinit 2.97:
* Check $(ROOT) filesystem for libcrypt instead of a hardcoded
path to /usr.
* Code clean-up and making sure we avoid freeing unused memory.
* Added shell script which converts systemd unit files into
init.d style scripts.
* Allow init to load configuration data from files stored in
* Allow shutdown time to be specified in the format +hh:mm. This
is in addition to the existing formats such as hh:mm, +m, and
* Fixed typos in manual pages.
- Update startpar to 0.65:
+ Make sure startpar testsuite can find insserv executable in
/usr/sbin or /sbin.
+ Added PREFIX variable to Makefile and testsuite to make
location of startpar and insserv more flexible.
- Rebase sysvinit-2.90.dif.
- Drop SCVER defines: not used in any place.
- Drop startpar-sysmacros.patch: fixed upstream.

==== tcpd ====

- tcp_wrappers_7.6-shared-lib.diff: Linux has STRERROR not SYS_ERRLIST

==== xdm ====

- removed /etc/X11/xdm/ since it meanwhile has been
replaced by /usr/share/systemd/kbd-model-map (used by YaST)
- Don't create the compat symlinks in /etc on the fly, track them
properly as %config
- /etc/X11/xdm/scripts/11-ssh-agent
* ssh-askpass now moved to /usr/libexec/ssh (boo#1175991)
- moved xdm/xdm-np PAM files to /usr/etc/pam.d, since lightdm has
been adjusted meanwhile
- Switch to /usr/bin/pidof dependency, provided by procps-ng.
- fixes in xdm-tarball.patch
* /usr/lib/X11/display-manager: fixes sddm, which didn't use
xdm_reload_files in xdm_start_proc() of
/usr/lib/X11/displaymanagers/sddm (boo#1173049)
- fixes in xdm-tarball.patch
* symlink also $XDMDIR/xinitrc.common in /etc/X11/xinit; it
is still often sourced in old ~/.xinitrc user files ...
- fixes in xdm-tarball.patch
* fixed include path for generic Xresources in xdm's Xresources file
* fixed $XDMDIR in Xsession, so sys.xsession can be found
* sys.xsession: fixed syntax error in code, which reads
additional xdm scripts
* display-manager: also symlink Xstartup and Xreset in
/etc/X11/xdm (needed by lighdm)
- specfile:
* for now use again /etc/pam.d for xdm/xdm-np PAM files instead
of /usr/etc/pam.d (using the latter resulted in
"authentificataion failure" with lightdm)
- reenabled move to /usr/etc/X11/xdm; updated xdm-tarball.patch
(includes changes from xinit-UsrEtcMove.patch) [boo#1176212]
- xinit-UsrEtcMove.patch
* changes needed with xinitrc moving to %{_libexecdir}/xinit and
xinitrc.common moving to /usr/etc/X11/xinit/
- reverted move to /usr/etc/X11/xdm for now due to boo#1176212
- updated xdm-tarball.patch
* adjusted for changes in xmodmap and xinit (boo#1173049)
- xdm-tarball.patch
* /usr/etc changes still needed for xdm.tar.bz2; will need
more changes once xmodmap and xinit files are also moved to
/usr/etc (boo#1173049)
- move /etc/X11/xdm --> /usr/etc/X11/xdm and
/etc/pam.d -> /usr/etc/pam.d; still TODO: adjust scripts in
xdm.tar.bz2 (boo#1173049)
- more cleanup
* no longer support sle12; adjusted xdm.tar.bz2 and
applied xdm-with-update-alternative.patch to this tarball
- cleanup
* get rid of xdm-fallbacks.tar.bz2, which wasn't used any longer
since SUSE 12.1
* no longer support systmed based OSes like SUSE < 12.1 and sle11;
removed therefore also xdm-consolekit.diff
* no longer support sle11

==== xinit ====

- Properly track the compatibility symlink
- simplified UsrEtcMove enable/disable logic in specfile
- xinit-tarball.patch/xinit.spec
* reenabled move to /usr/etc/X11/xinit
* fixed remaining issues mentioned in boo#1173052, comment#6
and boo#1176212, comment#7
- reverted move to /usr/etc/X11/xinit for now (boo#1173052, comment#6)
- moved xinit files to /usr/etc/X11/xinit and removed xinitrc
skeleton (boo#1173052)
- xinit-tarball.patch
* adjust tarball contenct to /usr/etc move (boo#1173052)

==== xmodmap ====

- reenabled move to /usr/etc/X11 for Tumbleweed (boo#1173053)
- reverted move to /usr/etc/X11 for now (boo#1173053, comment#3)
- moved Xmodmap files to /usr/etc/X11 (boo#1173053)

==== xorg-x11-server ====
Subpackages: xorg-x11-server-Xvfb xorg-x11-server-wayland

- n_xorg-wrapper-anybody.patch
* replace default config /etc/X11/Xwrapper, which allows
anybody to use the wrapper, by a patch for the code, i.e.
[#] rootonly, console, anybody
[#] yes, no, auto
is now the default without any Xwrapper config
(needs_root_rights=auto was already the default before)
- u_xorg-wrapper-Xserver-Options-Whitelist-Filter.patch
* replaced by improved version written by Matthias Gerstner of
our security team
+ simplified the option parsing code a bit
+ changed the "ignore forbidden argument" logic into an "abort
on forbidden argument" logic. This is safer and avoids
surprises on the user's end that could occur if the desired
command line arguments aren't effective but the Xorg server is
still started.
+ tried to adjust to the coding style present in the file
(mostly the function name)
+ added some logic to apply the option filtering only to
non-root users when Xorg is actually started as root. This
should allow for full flexibility if root calls the wrapper or
if the Xorg server only runs with user privileges.
- U_Fix-segfault-on-probing-a-non-PCI-platform-device-on.patch,
* fix Xserver startup on Raspberry Pi 3 (boo#1176203)
- n_xorg-wrapper-rename-Xorg.patch
* moved Xorg to Xorg.bin and to Xorg (boo#1175867)
- change default for needs_root_rights to auto in Xwrapper.config
- reenabled SUID wrapper for TW (boo#1175867)
- u_xorg-wrapper-Xserver-Options-Whitelist-Filter.patch
* Xserver option whitelist filter (boo#1175867)

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