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[opensuse-kubic] New MicroOS snapshot 20200326 released!
  • From: Richard Brown <rbrown@xxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sat, 28 Mar 2020 18:04:41 +0000
  • Message-id: <158541868119.734.2180019825209737338@go-agent-stagingbot-7>

Please note that this mail was generated by a script.
The described changes are computed based on the x86_64 DVD.
The full online repo contains too many changes to be listed here.

Please check the known defects of this snapshot before upgrading:

Please do not reply to this email to report issues, rather file a bug on
For more information on filing bugs please see
Packages changed:
libimobiledevice (1.2.0+git20180427.26373b3 -> 1.2.0+git20200220.3d8d13f)
libplist (2.0.0 -> 2.1.0)
pipewire (0.2.7 -> 0.3.1+48)
polkit-default-privs (1550+20200310.cdde967 -> 1550+20200325.f1362c4)
python-PyYAML (5.3 -> 5.3.1)
python-decorator (4.4.1 -> 4.4.2)
python-packaging (20.1 -> 20.3)

=== Details ===

==== MozillaFirefox ====

- mozilla-sandbox-fips.patch: allow /proc/sys/crypto/fips_enabled
to be read, as openssl 1.1.1 FIPS aborts if it cannot access it

==== libimobiledevice ====
Version update (1.2.0+git20180427.26373b3 -> 1.2.0+git20200220.3d8d13f)

- Fix not needed requires
- Switch python bindings to base on python3
- Update version to 1.2.0+git20200220.3d8d13f:
* Many fixes all around
* support for py3

==== libkate ====

- Fix build wihtout python2 again, if any py interpreter is found
it tries to build with it (here it is pulled by doxygen)

==== libplist ====
Version update (2.0.0 -> 2.1.0)

- Update to 2.1.0:
* Add new plist_get_data_ptr() and plist_get_string_ptr() for direct access
to underlying buffer
* Increase precision when converting PLIST_REAL nodes to XML
* Fix several issues in libcnary (UaF, segfault, memory leak)
* Fix copying of hash table entries when cloning array/dict nodes
* cython: Implement load()/loads() and dump()/dumps() to match up with
plistlib (Python 3.4)
* Add new plist_dict_item_get_key() for retrieving key node of a dict item
* Add new plist_array_item_remove() to allow removing an array's child node
without relying on the index
* Make plist_array_get_item_index() return UINT_MAX instead of 0 when node
can't be found
* Add index lookup table for large PLIST_ARRAY nodes
* Add iterator for array nodes: plist_array_new_iter(),
* Improve performance of plist_dict_next_item() drastically
* Improve performance and memory usage when writing XML plists
* Improve performance and memory usage when writing binary plists
* Allow building with sanitizers (without fuzzers)
* Prevent store to misaligned address when writing real/date nodes
* Work around misaligned reads in binary plist parser
* Integrate fuzzing targets (libFuzzer) into project
* Add sanitizers (ASAN, UBSAN) when building fuzzers (--with-fuzzers)

==== libproxy ====

- Remove few SLE11 conditions
- Fix build without python2 available

==== mozjs60 ====

- Fix building with just python2 interpreter available.

==== mutter ====
Subpackages: libmutter-5-0 mutter-data

- Add mutter-wayland-fix-keyboard-move-resize-window.patch:
move some common code out of X11 only code blocks to fix it
(bsc#1159976, glgo#GNOME/mutter!997).
- Build with pipewire 0.3.0:
* Add 0001-Update-to-PipeWire-0.3-API.patch

==== pipewire ====
Version update (0.2.7 -> 0.3.1+48)
Subpackages: pipewire-modules pipewire-spa-tools pipewire-tools

- Update to version 0.3.1+48:
+ Fix 32bit build.
- Switch to source service, update to explicit head, file with
non-compliant license replaced.
- Switch license to MIT and actually package it.
- Add doxygen, graphviz and xmltoman BuildRequires and pass docs
and man = true to meson, build documentation. Package docs in a
new docs sub-package.
- Add check section and run meson_test macro, run tests during
- Add fdupes BuildRequires and pass fdupes macro, remove duplicate
- Update to version 0.3.1:
+ This is a bugfix release that is API and ABI compatible
with previous 0.3.x releases.
+ Don't load the rtkit module by default. It can cause a
sigkill, which is not desirable for mutter, for example.
Only enable this for the jack library for now.
+ Don't use pthread cancel by default because it uses a
signal that might crash some apps. Only use it for
the jack library because jack clients really expect this.
+ Build fixes for -Werror=suggest-attribute=format
+ improve error messages, don't report harmless errors and
warnings. Try to send error messages to the proxy that
started the operation or is the owner of the object.
+ pw-cat: midi improvement, add midi recording and dump
in verbose mode
+ fix properties when loading spa-nodes from the config
+ Fix and update some examples
+ jack: check arguments and don't crash when invalid
+ Fix buffer memory upload.
+ jack: fix compatibility with zrythm. Fix timemaster
install, improve sample_rate callback. Fix reposition
+ fix crash in port after buffer negotiation error.
+ add support for control ports in pw_filter
+ fix cleanup of the metadata module
+ improve param enumeration.
+ Clear stream buffers when the format is cleared.
+ Add create-object command in the config file to create
object from a factory.
+ Fix crash after the driver was not removed from unassigned
nodes. Also properly pause inactive nodes.
+ Use "true" and "false" in properties when we are talking
about a boolean.
+ pulseaudio: improve compatibility
- Add patch to build correctly with glibc < 2.27 (like in SLE/Leap):
* fix-memfd_create-call.patch
- Add BuildRequires for pkgconfig(sndfile) and pkgconfig(vulkan)
so the vulkan plugin is built.
- Version the spa-plugins subpackage so different versions of
the plugins can be co-installed in the future.
- Update to version 0.3.0:
+ The 0.3 release is a major milestone in the developement of
PipeWire. It features a complete redesign of the scheduling
mechanisms that make it possible to run a JACK compatibility
layer with comparable performance to JACK2.
+ The API has been reworked and is declared stable now. All
developement files and runtime paths are versioned so that
future incompatible changes can be done without breaking
exising applications.
+ PipeWire 0.3 also includes a (now mandatory) session manager
that populates and controls the PipeWire graph. This example
session manager is very simple and not configurable. It is
expected that future version will either switch to a more
flexible session manager (like WirePlumber) or improve the
configuration options of the example session manager.
+ PipeWire 0.3 includes both PulseAudio, JACK and ALSA
compatibility libraries that are known to support a wide range
of applications. The ALSA library is pretty complete at this
point. The JACK and mostly the PulseAudio compatibility
libraries need more work. See the Wiki pages for the current
compatibility problems. We do not yet encourage people to
switch away from their existing audio solutions (PulseAudio
or JACK) but we would love to hear from people who try it
anyways. Future versions will mostly focus on improving
compatibility further to make PipeWire a drop-in replacement.
PipeWire comes with some GStreamer plugins to consume and
produce data for PipeWire. The consumer (pipewiresrc) is
working well in most cases. The sink (pipewiresink) is known
to be somewhat problematic for now.
- Add pkgconfig(bluez) and pkgconfig(libpulse) BuildRequires: New
- Bump libpipewire, apiver and spa_ver define following upstreams
changes. Also add a new sover define.
- Package new subpackages: libjack-pw0_3_0,
libpulse-mainloop-glib-pw0_3_0, libpulse-pw0_3_0 and
libpulse-simple-pw0_3_0, as well as handle them in post(un).
- Adjust options passed to meson following upstreams changes.

==== polkit-default-privs ====
Version update (1550+20200310.cdde967 -> 1550+20200325.f1362c4)

- Update to version 1550+20200325.f1362c4:
* whitelist chvt action in logind (bsc#1167542)

==== python-PyYAML ====
Version update (5.3 -> 5.3.1)

- update to 5.3.1
* fixes boo#1165439 (cve-2020-1747) Prevents arbitrary code execution
during python/object/new constructor

==== python-decorator ====
Version update (4.4.1 -> 4.4.2)

- update to 4.4.2:
* removing the usage of `__file__`, that was breaking PyOxidizer.
* fixes for the future Python 3.9.
* some fixes for the future Python 3.10.

==== python-jsonschema ====

- Add patch to fix build with new webcolors:
* webcolors.patch

==== python-packaging ====
Version update (20.1 -> 20.3)

- Update to 20.3
* Fix a bug that caused a 32-bit OS that runs on a 64-bit ARM CPU
(e.g. ARM-v8, aarch64), to report the wrong bitness.
- Drop already upstreamed patch issue_254.patch

==== python-setuptools ====

- Fix build without python2

==== tracker ====
Subpackages: libtracker-common-2_0 libtracker-control-2_0-0
libtracker-miner-2_0-0 libtracker-sparql-2_0-0

- Disable tests on %arm as they fail in OBS but succeed in a
local osc build

==== xdg-desktop-portal ====

- Add xdg-dp-port-pipewire-3-api.patch: Port to use new
pipewire-3.0 api. Following this, replace
pkgconfig(libpipewire-2.0) with pkgconfig(libpipewire-3.0)
BuildRequires. Also add libtool BuildRequires and pass autoreconf
as the patch touches the buildsystem.

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