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[opensuse-kubic] New MicroOS snapshot 20200324 released!
  • From: Richard Brown <rbrown@xxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 26 Mar 2020 15:07:11 +0000
  • Message-id: <158523523103.16762.12107429345302446173@go-agent-stagingbot-7>

Please note that this mail was generated by a script.
The described changes are computed based on the x86_64 DVD.
The full online repo contains too many changes to be listed here.

Please check the known defects of this snapshot before upgrading:

Please do not reply to this email to report issues, rather file a bug on
For more information on filing bugs please see
Packages changed:
fuse3 (3.9.0 -> 3.9.1)
kernel-firmware (20200302 -> 20200316)
kernel-source (5.5.9 -> 5.5.11)
libzypp (17.23.1 -> 17.23.2)
podman (1.8.1 -> 1.8.2)
systemd-presets-branding-MicroOS (20190219 -> 20200323)
zypper (1.14.34 -> 1.14.35)

=== Details ===

==== MozillaFirefox-branding-openSUSE ====

- Update the default homepage and the bookmark icons

==== fuse3 ====
Version update (3.9.0 -> 3.9.1)
Subpackages: libfuse3-3

- Update to version 3.9.1
* Fixed memory leak in fuse_session_new().
* Fixed an issue with the linker version script.
* Make ioctl prototype conditional on FUSE_USE_VERSION.
Define FUSE_USE_VERSION < 35 to get old ioctl prototype with
int commands; define FUSE_USE_VERSION >= 35 to get new ioctl
prototype with unsigned int commands.
* Various small bugfixes.

==== kernel-firmware ====
Version update (20200302 -> 20200316)
Subpackages: kernel-firmware-all kernel-firmware-amdgpu kernel-firmware-ath10k
kernel-firmware-atheros kernel-firmware-bluetooth kernel-firmware-bnx2
kernel-firmware-brcm kernel-firmware-chelsio kernel-firmware-dpaa2
kernel-firmware-i915 kernel-firmware-intel kernel-firmware-iwlwifi
kernel-firmware-liquidio kernel-firmware-marvell kernel-firmware-media
kernel-firmware-mediatek kernel-firmware-mellanox kernel-firmware-mwifiex
kernel-firmware-network kernel-firmware-nfp kernel-firmware-nvidia
kernel-firmware-platform kernel-firmware-qlogic kernel-firmware-radeon
kernel-firmware-realtek kernel-firmware-serial kernel-firmware-sound
kernel-firmware-ti kernel-firmware-ueagle kernel-firmware-usb-network ucode-amd

- Update to version 20200316 (git commit 8eb0b281511d):
* linux-firmware: Update firmware file for Intel Bluetooth AX200
* linux-firmware: Update firmware file for Intel Bluetooth AX201
* linux-firmware: Update firmware file for Intel Bluetooth 9560
* linux-firmware: Update firmware file for Intel Bluetooth 9260
* amdgpu: update vega20 firmware from 19.50
* amdgpu: update vega12 firmware from 19.50
* amdgpu: update vega10 firmware from 19.50
* rtl_bt: Add firmware and configuration files for RTL8822C BT UART chip
* i915: Add DMC firmware v2.06 for TGL
* i915: add HuC firmware v7.0.12 for TGL

==== kernel-source ====
Version update (5.5.9 -> 5.5.11)

- Linux 5.5.11 (bnc#1012628).
- ipv4: ensure rcu_read_lock() in cipso_v4_error() (bnc#1012628).
- ARM: 8961/2: Fix Kbuild issue caused by per-task stack protector
GCC plugin (bnc#1012628).
- HID: add ALWAYS_POLL quirk to lenovo pixart mouse (bnc#1012628).
- HID: google: add moonball USB id (bnc#1012628).
- mm: slub: add missing TID bump in kmem_cache_alloc_bulk()
- ARM: 8958/1: rename missed uaccess .fixup section (bnc#1012628).
- ARM: 8957/1: VDSO: Match ARMv8 timer in cntvct_functional()
- blk-mq: insert flush request to the front of dispatch queue
- jbd2: fix data races at struct journal_head (bnc#1012628).
- net: dsa: mv88e6xxx: Fix masking of egress port (bnc#1012628).
- mlxsw: pci: Wait longer before accessing the device after reset
- sfc: fix timestamp reconstruction at 16-bit rollover points
- net: rmnet: fix packet forwarding in rmnet bridge mode
- net: rmnet: fix bridge mode bugs (bnc#1012628).
- net: rmnet: use upper/lower device infrastructure (bnc#1012628).
- net: rmnet: do not allow to change mux id if mux id is
duplicated (bnc#1012628).
- net: rmnet: remove rcu_read_lock in
rmnet_force_unassociate_device() (bnc#1012628).
- net: rmnet: fix suspicious RCU usage (bnc#1012628).
- net: rmnet: fix NULL pointer dereference in rmnet_changelink()
- net: rmnet: fix NULL pointer dereference in rmnet_newlink()
- hinic: fix a bug of rss configuration (bnc#1012628).
- hinic: fix a bug of setting hw_ioctxt (bnc#1012628).
- hinic: fix a irq affinity bug (bnc#1012628).
- net: phy: mscc: fix firmware paths (bnc#1012628).
- slip: not call free_netdev before rtnl_unlock in slip_open
- net: bcmgenet: Clear ID_MODE_DIS in EXT_RGMII_OOB_CTRL when
not needed (bnc#1012628).
- signal: avoid double atomic counter increments for user
accounting (bnc#1012628).
- kbuild: add dt_binding_check to PHONY in a correct place
- kbuild: add dtbs_check to PHONY (bnc#1012628).
- io_uring: pick up link work on submit reference drop
- drm/amdgpu: fix memory leak during TDR test(v2) (bnc#1012628).
- io_uring: fix poll_list race for SETUP_IOPOLL|SETUP_SQPOLL
- blk-mq: insert passthrough request into hctx->dispatch directly
- net: ll_temac: Handle DMA halt condition caused by buffer
underrun (bnc#1012628).
- net: ll_temac: Fix RX buffer descriptor handling on GFP_ATOMIC
pressure (bnc#1012628).
- net: ll_temac: Add more error handling of dma_map_single()
calls (bnc#1012628).
- net: ll_temac: Fix race condition causing TX hang (bnc#1012628).
- mac80211: rx: avoid RCU list traversal under mutex
- net: ks8851-ml: Fix IRQ handling and locking (bnc#1012628).
- net: usb: qmi_wwan: restore mtu min/max values after raw_ip
switch (bnc#1012628).
- scsi: libfc: free response frame from GPN_ID (bnc#1012628).
- cfg80211: check reg_rule for NULL in handle_channel_custom()
- tracing: Fix number printing bug in print_synth_event()
- selftests/rseq: Fix out-of-tree compilation (bnc#1012628).
- kunit: run kunit_tool from any directory (bnc#1012628).
- riscv: set pmp configuration if kernel is running in M-mode
- HID: hid-bigbenff: fix race condition for scheduled work during
removal (bnc#1012628).
- HID: hid-bigbenff: call hid_hw_stop() in case of error
- HID: hid-bigbenff: fix general protection fault caused by
double kfree (bnc#1012628).
- HID: i2c-hid: add Trekstor Surfbook E11B to descriptor override
- ACPI: watchdog: Set default timeout in probe (bnc#1012628).
- HID: apple: Add support for recent firmware on Magic Keyboards
- ACPI: watchdog: Allow disabling WDAT at boot (bnc#1012628).
- pinctrl: qcom: ssbi-gpio: Fix fwspec parsing bug (bnc#1012628).
- commit 794b2e9
- Linux 5.5.10 (bnc#1012628).
- virtio_balloon: Adjust label in virtballoon_probe (bnc#1012628).
- ALSA: hda/realtek - More constifications (bnc#1012628).
- ALSA: hda/realtek - Add Headset Mic supported for HP cPC
- ALSA: hda/realtek - Fixed one of HP ALC671 platform Headset
Mic supported (bnc#1012628).
- cgroup, netclassid: periodically release file_lock on classid
updating (bnc#1012628).
- cxgb4: fix checks for max queues to allocate (bnc#1012628).
- gre: fix uninit-value in __iptunnel_pull_header (bnc#1012628).
- inet_diag: return classid for all socket types (bnc#1012628).
- ipv6/addrconf: call ipv6_mc_up() for non-Ethernet interface
- ipvlan: add cond_resched_rcu() while processing muticast backlog
- ipvlan: do not add hardware address of master to its unicast
filter list (bnc#1012628).
- ipvlan: do not use cond_resched_rcu() in
ipvlan_process_multicast() (bnc#1012628).
- ipvlan: don't deref eth hdr before checking it's set
- macvlan: add cond_resched() during multicast processing
- net: dsa: fix phylink_start()/phylink_stop() calls
- net: dsa: mv88e6xxx: fix lockup on warm boot (bnc#1012628).
- net: fec: validate the new settings in fec_enet_set_coalesce()
- net: hns3: fix a not link up issue when fibre port supports
autoneg (bnc#1012628).
- net/ipv6: use configured metric when add peer route
- netlink: Use netlink header as base to calculate bad attribute
offset (bnc#1012628).
- net: macsec: update SCI upon MAC address change (bnc#1012628).
- net: mscc: ocelot: properly account for VLAN header length
when setting MRU (bnc#1012628).
- net: nfc: fix bounds checking bugs on "pipe" (bnc#1012628).
- net/packet: tpacket_rcv: do not increment ring index on drop
- net: phy: bcm63xx: fix OOPS due to missing driver name
- net/smc: cancel event worker during device removal
- net: stmmac: dwmac1000: Disable ACS if enhanced descs are not
used (bnc#1012628).
- net: systemport: fix index check to avoid an array out of
bounds access (bnc#1012628).
- r8152: check disconnect status after long sleep (bnc#1012628).
- sfc: detach from cb_page in efx_copy_channel() (bnc#1012628).
- slip: make slhc_compress() more robust against malicious packets
- taprio: Fix sending packets without dequeueing them
- bonding/alb: make sure arp header is pulled before accessing it
- bnxt_en: reinitialize IRQs when MTU is modified (bnc#1012628).
- bnxt_en: fix error handling when flashing from file
- cgroup: memcg: net: do not associate sock with unrelated cgroup
- net: memcg: late association of sock to memcg (bnc#1012628).
- net: memcg: fix lockdep splat in inet_csk_accept()
- dt-bindings: net: FMan erratum A050385 (bnc#1012628).
- arm64: dts: ls1043a: FMan erratum A050385 (bnc#1012628).
- fsl/fman: detect FMan erratum A050385 (bnc#1012628).
- dpaa_eth: FMan erratum A050385 workaround (bnc#1012628).
- net: hns3: fix "tc qdisc del" failed issue (bnc#1012628).
- net: hns3: fix RMW issue for VLAN filter switch (bnc#1012628).
- net: hns3: clear port base VLAN when unload PF (bnc#1012628).
- devlink: validate length of param values (bnc#1012628).
- devlink: validate length of region addr/len (bnc#1012628).
- fib: add missing attribute validation for tun_id (bnc#1012628).
- nl802154: add missing attribute validation (bnc#1012628).
- nl802154: add missing attribute validation for dev_type
- can: add missing attribute validation for termination
- macsec: add missing attribute validation for port (bnc#1012628).
- openvswitch: add missing attribute validation for hash
- net: fq: add missing attribute validation for orphan mask
- net: taprio: add missing attribute validation for txtime delay
- team: add missing attribute validation for port ifindex
- team: add missing attribute validation for array index
- tipc: add missing attribute validation for MTU property
- nfc: add missing attribute validation for SE API (bnc#1012628).
- nfc: add missing attribute validation for deactivate target
- nfc: add missing attribute validation for vendor subcommand
- net: phy: avoid clearing PHY interrupts twice in irq handler
- net: phy: fix MDIO bus PM PHY resuming (bnc#1012628).
- net/ipv6: need update peer route when modify metric
- net/ipv6: remove the old peer route if change it to a new one
- selftests/net/fib_tests: update addr_metric_test for peer
route testing (bnc#1012628).
- s390/qeth: don't reset default_out_queue (bnc#1012628).
- s390/qeth: handle error when backing RX buffer (bnc#1012628).
- net: dsa: Don't instantiate phylink for CPU/DSA ports unless
needed (bnc#1012628).
- net: dsa: mv88e6xxx: Add missing mask of ATU occupancy register
- net: phy: Avoid multiple suspends (bnc#1012628).
- cgroup: fix psi_show() crash on 32bit ino archs (bnc#1012628).
- cgroup: cgroup_procs_next should increase position index
- cgroup: Iterate tasks that did not finish do_exit()
- netfilter: nf_tables: fix infinite loop when expr is not
available (bnc#1012628).
- virtio-blk: fix hw_queue stopped on arbitrary error
- iommu/vt-d: quirk_ioat_snb_local_iommu: replace WARN_TAINT
with pr_warn + add_taint (bnc#1012628).
- netfilter: nf_conntrack: ct_cpu_seq_next should increase
position index (bnc#1012628).
- netfilter: synproxy: synproxy_cpu_seq_next should increase
position index (bnc#1012628).
- netfilter: xt_recent: recent_seq_next should increase position
index (bnc#1012628).
- netfilter: x_tables: xt_mttg_seq_next should increase position
index (bnc#1012628).
- workqueue: don't use wq_select_unbound_cpu() for bound works
- drm/amd/display: remove duplicated assignment to grph_obj_type
- drm/i915: Actually emit the await_start (bnc#1012628).
- drm/i915: Return early for await_start on same timeline
- drm/i915: be more solid in checking the alignment (bnc#1012628).
- drm/i915: Defer semaphore priority bumping to a workqueue
- drm/i915/gt: Close race between cacheline_retire and free
- drm/i915/execlists: Enable timeslice on partial virtual engine
dequeue (bnc#1012628).
- mmc: sdhci-pci-gli: Enable MSI interrupt for GL975x
- pinctrl: falcon: fix syntax error (bnc#1012628).
- pinctrl: qcom: Assign irq_eoi conditionally (bnc#1012628).
- ktest: Add timeout for ssh sync testing (bnc#1012628).
- block: Fix partition support for host aware zoned block devices
- cifs_atomic_open(): fix double-put on late allocation failure
- gfs2_atomic_open(): fix O_EXCL|O_CREAT handling on cold dcache
- KVM: x86: clear stale x86_emulate_ctxt->intercept value
- KVM: nVMX: avoid NULL pointer dereference with incorrect EVMCS
GPAs (bnc#1012628).
- ARC: define __ALIGN_STR and __ALIGN symbols for ARC
- fuse: fix stack use after return (bnc#1012628).
- MIPS: DTS: CI20: fix PMU definitions for ACT8600 (bnc#1012628).
- MIPS: DTS: CI20: fix interrupt for pcf8563 RTC (bnc#1012628).
- MIPS: Fix CONFIG_MIPS_CMDLINE_DTB_EXTEND handling (bnc#1012628).
- s390/dasd: fix data corruption for thin provisioned devices
- ftrace: Return the first found result in lookup_rec()
- blk-iocost: fix incorrect vtime comparison in iocg_is_idle()
- fscrypt: don't evict dirty inodes after removing key
- pid: Fix error return value in some cases (bnc#1012628).
- macintosh: windfarm: fix MODINFO regression (bnc#1012628).
- x86/ioremap: Map EFI runtime services data as encrypted for SEV
- efi: Fix a race and a buffer overflow while reading efivars
via sysfs (bnc#1012628).
- efi: Add a sanity check to efivar_store_raw() (bnc#1012628).
- i2c: designware-pci: Fix BUG_ON during device removal
- mt76: fix array overflow on receiving too many fragments for
a packet (bnc#1012628).
- perf/amd/uncore: Replace manual sampling check with
CAP_NO_INTERRUPT flag (bnc#1012628).
- x86/mce: Fix logic and comments around MSR_PPIN_CTL
- iommu/dma: Fix MSI reservation allocation (bnc#1012628).
- iommu/vt-d: dmar: replace WARN_TAINT with pr_warn + add_taint
- iommu/vt-d: dmar_parse_one_rmrr: replace WARN_TAINT with
pr_warn + add_taint (bnc#1012628).
- iommu/vt-d: Fix RCU list debugging warnings (bnc#1012628).
- iommu/vt-d: Fix a bug in intel_iommu_iova_to_phys() for huge
page (bnc#1012628).
- batman-adv: Don't schedule OGM for disabled interface
- clk: imx8mn: Fix incorrect clock defines (bnc#1012628).
- pinctrl: meson-gxl: fix GPIOX sdio pins (bnc#1012628).
- pinctrl: imx: scu: Align imx sc msg structs to 4 (bnc#1012628).
- virtio_ring: Fix mem leak with vring_new_virtqueue()
- x86/mce/therm_throt: Undo thermal polling properly on CPU
offline (bnc#1012628).
- drm/i915/gvt: Fix dma-buf display blur issue on CFL
- pinctrl: core: Remove extra kref_get which blocks hogs being
freed (bnc#1012628).
- drm/i915/gvt: Fix unnecessary schedule timer when no vGPU exits
- driver code: clarify and fix platform device DMA mask allocation
- iommu/vt-d: Fix RCU-list bugs in intel_iommu_init()
- i2c: gpio: suppress error on probe defer (bnc#1012628).
- nl80211: add missing attribute validation for critical protocol
indication (bnc#1012628).
- nl80211: add missing attribute validation for beacon report
scanning (bnc#1012628).
- nl80211: add missing attribute validation for channel switch
- perf bench futex-wake: Restore thread count default to online
CPU count (bnc#1012628).
- netfilter: nf_tables: free flowtable hooks on hook register
error (bnc#1012628).
- netfilter: cthelper: add missing attribute validation for
cthelper (bnc#1012628).
- netfilter: nft_payload: add missing attribute validation for
payload csum flags (bnc#1012628).
- netfilter: nft_tunnel: add missing attribute validation for
tunnels (bnc#1012628).
- netfilter: nf_tables: dump NFTA_CHAIN_FLAGS attribute
- netfilter: nft_chain_nat: inet family is missing module
ownership (bnc#1012628).
- iommu/vt-d: Fix the wrong printing in RHSA parsing
- iommu/vt-d: Ignore devices with out-of-spec domain number
- i2c: acpi: put device when verifying client fails (bnc#1012628).
- iommu/amd: Fix IOMMU AVIC not properly update the is_run bit
in IRTE (bnc#1012628).
- ipv6: restrict IPV6_ADDRFORM operation (bnc#1012628).
- net/smc: check for valid ib_client_data (bnc#1012628).
- Update config files.
- commit 3925fb5
- mmc: sdhci: iproc: Add custom set_power() callback for bcm2711
- mmc: sdhci: Introduce sdhci_set_power_and_bus_voltage()
- commit e9e359d

==== libzypp ====
Version update (17.23.1 -> 17.23.2)

- RepoVariables: Add safe guard in case the caller does not own a
zypp instance.
- Enable c++17. Define libyzpp CXX_STANDARD in ZyppCommon.cmake.
- version 17.23.2 (22)

==== podman ====
Version update (1.8.1 -> 1.8.2)
Subpackages: podman-cni-config

- Update podman to v1.8.2:
* Features
- Initial support for automatically updating containers managed
via Systemd unit files has been merged. This allows
containers to automatically upgrade if a newer version of
their image becomes available
* Bugfixes
- Fixed a bug where unit files generated by podman generate
systemd --new would not force containers to detach, causing
the unit to time out when trying to start
- Fixed a bug where podman system reset could delete important
system directories if run as rootless on installations
created by older Podman (#4831)
- Fixed a bug where image built by podman build would not
properly set the OS and Architecture they were built with
- Fixed a bug where attached podman run with --sig-proxy
enabled (the default), when built with Go 1.14, would
repeatedly send signal 23 to the process in the container and
could generate errors when the container stopped (#5483)
- Fixed a bug where rootless podman run commands could hang
when forwarding ports
- Fixed a bug where rootless Podman would not work when /proc
was mounted with the hidepid option set
- Fixed a bug where the podman system service command would use
large amounts of CPU when --timeout was set to 0 (#5531)
- Initial support for Libpod endpoints related to creating and
operating on image manifest lists has been added
- The Libpod Healthcheck and Events API endpoints are now
- The Swagger endpoint can now handle cases where no Swagger
documentation has been generated
* Misc
- Updated Buildah to v1.14.3
- Updated containers/storage to v1.16.5
- Several performance improvements have been made to creating
containers, which should somewhat improve the performance of
podman create and podman run

==== rpm ====

- Follow one level of symlink indirection when converting the rpm
database [bnc#1167537]
* modified patch: db_conversion.diff
- Add macro for supported ARM 64bit processors

==== systemd-presets-branding-MicroOS ====
Version update (20190219 -> 20200323)

- Enable kubelet by default (as expected by kubeadm) [boo#1167369]

==== xdm ====

- fixed and improved documentation about how to
enable xdmcp for xdm (boo#1167293)

==== zypper ====
Version update (1.14.34 -> 1.14.35)
Subpackages: zypper-needs-restarting

- Tag 'retracted' patch status in info and list-patches (jsc#SLE-8770)
- Tag 'R'etracted items in search tabes status columns (jsc#SLE-8770)
- Relax 'Do not allow the abbreviation of cli arguments' in
legacy distibutions (bsc#1164543)
- Correctly detect ambigous switch abbreviations (bsc#1165573)
- zypper-aptitude: don't supplement zypper.
supplementing zypper means zypper-aptitude gets installed by
default and pulls in perl. Neither is desired on small systems.
- BuildRequires: libzypp-devel >= 17.23.2.
- version 1.14.35

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