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[opensuse-kubic] New MicroOS snapshot 20200306 released!
  • From: Richard Brown <rbrown@xxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sun, 08 Mar 2020 02:04:20 +0000
  • Message-id: <158363306063.5764.2274051065957696486@go-agent-stagingbot-4>

Please note that this mail was generated by a script.
The described changes are computed based on the x86_64 DVD.
The full online repo contains too many changes to be listed here.

Please check the known defects of this snapshot before upgrading:

Please do not reply to this email to report issues, rather file a bug on
For more information on filing bugs please see
Packages changed:
curl (7.68.0 -> 7.69.0)
dracut (049.1+git124.70941b30 -> 049.1+git125.e2b2c9ef)
fuse-overlayfs (0.7.6 -> 0.7.7)
hwdata (0.332 -> 0.333)
libmfx (19.2.1 -> 19.4.0)
libva (2.5.0 -> 2.6.1)
libxcrypt (4.4.12 -> 4.4.15)
osinfo-db (20191125 -> 20200214)
permissions (1550_20200213 -> 1550_20200228)
samba (4.11.5+git.114.5685848b8fc -> 4.11.6+git.120.e474a78db08)
supportutils (3.1.1 -> 3.1.8)
vim (8.2.0314 -> 8.2.0348)
wicked (0.6.62 -> 0.6.63)

=== Details ===

==== curl ====
Version update (7.68.0 -> 7.69.0)
Subpackages: libcurl4

- Update to 7.69.0
* Changes:
- polarssl: removed
- smtp: add CURLOPT_MAIL_RCPT_ALLLOWFAILS and --mail-rcpt-allowfails
- wolfSSH: new SSH backend
* Bugfixes:
- altsvc: improved header parser
- altsvc: keep a copy of the file name to survive handle reset
- altsvc: make saving the cache an atomic operation
- altsvc: use h3-27
- azure: disable brotli on the macos debug-builds
- build: remove all HAVE_OPENSSL_ENGINE_H defines
- cleanup: fix several comment typos
- cleanup: fix typos and wording in docs and comments
- cmake: add support for CMAKE_LTO option
- cmake: clean up and improve build procedures
- cmake: Show HTTPS-proxy in the features output
- cmake: use check_symbol_exists also for inet_pton
- fix comments about --with-quiche
- configure: disable metalink if mbedTLS is specified
- configure: disable metalink support for incompatible SSL/TLS
- conn: do not reuse connection if SOCKS proxy credentials differ
- conncache: removed unused Curl_conncache_bundle_size()
- connect: remove some spurious infof() calls
- connection reuse: respect the max_concurrent_streams limits
- cookie: check __Secure- and __Host- case sensitively
- cookies: make saving atomic with a rename
- create-dirs.d: mention the mode
- curl: avoid using strlen for testing if a string is empty
- curl: error on --alt-svc use w/o support
- curl: let -D merge headers in one file again
- curl: make #0 not output the full URL
- curl: make the -# spaceship bar not wrap the line
- curl: remove 'config' field from OutStruct
- curl:progressbarinit: ignore column width from terminals < 20
- curl_escape.3: add a link to curl_free
- curl_getenv.3: fix the memory handling description
- curl_global_init: assume the EINTR bit by default
- curl_global_init: move the IPv6 works status bool to multi handle
- CURLOPT_ALTSVC_CTRL.3: fix the DEFAULT wording
- data.d: remove "Multiple files can also be specified"
- digest: do not quote algorithm in HTTP authorisation
- docs/HTTP3: add --enable-alt-svc to curl's configure
- docs/HTTP3: update the OpenSSL branch to use for ngtcp2
- docs: fix typo on CURLINFO_RETRY_AFTER
- easy: remove dead code
- form.d: fix two minor typos
- ftp: convert 'sock_accepted' to a plain boolean
- ftp: remove superfluous checking for crlf in user or pwd
- ftp: shrink temp buffers used for PORT
- github: Instructions to post "uname -a" on Unix systems in issues
- GnuTLS: always send client cert
- gtls: fixed compilation when using GnuTLS < 3.5.0
- hostip: move code to resolve IP address literals to 'Curl_resolv'
- HTTP-COOKIES: describe the cookie file format
- HTTP-COOKIES: mention that a trailing newline is required
- http2: make pausing/unpausing set/clear local stream window
- http2: now requires nghttp2 >= 1.12.0
- http: added 417 response treatment
- http: increase EXPECT_100_THRESHOLD to 1Mb
- http: mark POSTs with no body as "upload done" from the start
- http: move "oauth_bearer" from connectdata to Curl_easy
- include: remove non-curl prefixed defines
- KNOWN_BUGS: Multiple methods in a single WWW-Authenticate: header
- libssh2: add support for forcing a hostkey type
- libssh2: fix variable type
- libssh: improve known hosts handling
- llist: removed unused Curl_llist_move()
- location.d: the method change is from POST to GET only
- md4: fixed compilation issues when using GNU TLS gcrypt
- md4: use init/update/final functions in Secure Transport
- md5: added implementation for mbedTLS
- mk-ca-bundle: add support for CKA_NSS_SERVER_DISTRUST_AFTER
- multi: change curl_multi_wait/poll to error on negative timeout
- multi: fix outdated comment
- multi: if Curl_readwrite sets 'comeback' use expire, not loop
- multi_done: if multiplexed, make conn->data point to another transfer
- multi_wait: stop loop when sread() returns zero
- ngtcp2: add error code for QUIC connection errors
- ngtcp2: fixed to only use AF_INET6 when ENABLE_IPV6
- ngtcp2: update to git master and its draft-25 support
- ntlm: removed the dependency on the TLS libaries when using MD5
- ntlm_wb: use Curl_socketpair() for greater portability
- oauth2-bearer.d: works for HTTP too
- openssl: make CURLINFO_CERTINFO not truncate x509v3 fields
- openssl: remove redundant assignment
- os400: fixed the build
- pause: force-drain the transfer on unpause
- quiche: update to draft-25
- README: mention that the docs is in docs/
- runtests: make random seed fixed for a month
- runtests: restore the command log
- schannel_verify: Fix alt names manual verify for UNICODE builds
- sha256: use crypto implementations when available
- support new API functions, fix curl_dbg_ handling
- smtp: support the SMTPUTF8 extension
- smtp: support UTF-8 based host names in MAIL FROM
- SOCKS: make the connect phase non-blocking
- strcase: turn Curl_raw_tolower into static
- strerror: increase STRERROR_LEN 128 -> 256
- test1323: added missing 'unit test' feature requirement
- tests: add a unit test for MD4 digest generation
- tests: add a unit test for SHA256 digest generation
- tests: add a unit test for the HMAC hash generation
- tests: deduce the tool name from the test case for unit tests
- tests: fix Python 3 compatibility of
- tool_dirhie: allow directory traversal during creation
- tool_homedir: change GetEnv() to use libcurl's curl_getenv()
- url: include the failure reason when curl_win32_idn_to_ascii() fails
- urlapi: guess scheme properly with credentials given
- urldata: do string enums without #ifdefs for build scripts
- vtls: refactor Curl_multissl_version to make the code clearer
- Refresh patches:
* curl-secure-getenv.patch
* libcurl-ocloexec.patch

==== dracut ====
Version update (049.1+git124.70941b30 -> 049.1+git125.e2b2c9ef)
Subpackages: dracut-ima

- Update to version 049.1+git125.e2b2c9ef:
* 01fips: handle SHA1 on machines without AVX (bsc#1160318)
* Update: 90kernel-modules: Add PCI host controller modules (boo#1162669)

==== ffmpeg-4 ====
Subpackages: libavcodec58 libavformat58 libavutil56 libswresample3

- Enable libmfx support for SLE 15 SP2 and Leap 15.2 via
conditional, libmfx is available there too now.

==== fuse-overlayfs ====
Version update (0.7.6 -> 0.7.7)

- Update to v0.7.7
- make sure the destination is deleted before doing a rename(2).
It prevents a left over directory to cause delete to fail with
- honor --debug.

==== gstreamer-plugins-bad ====
Subpackages: libgstadaptivedemux-1_0-0 libgstbadaudio-1_0-0
libgstbasecamerabinsrc-1_0-0 libgstcodecparsers-1_0-0 libgstisoff-1_0-0
libgstmpegts-1_0-0 libgstphotography-1_0-0 libgstsctp-1_0-0
libgsturidownloader-1_0-0 libgstwayland-1_0-0 libgstwebrtc-1_0-0

- Switch to meson buildsystem for tumbleweed.
- Following the above, add pkgconfig(vulkan) BuildRequires and
tweak options passed to meson, as well as a cleanup in some
- Add gst-plugins-bad-wayland-headers.patch: Fix build when using
meson and having wayland-headers in non-default location

==== hwdata ====
Version update (0.332 -> 0.333)

- Update to version 0.323:
* Updated pci, usb and vendor ids.

==== libmfx ====
Version update (19.2.1 -> 19.4.0)
Subpackages: libmfx1

- Update to version 19.4.0:
* bugfixes and improvements

==== libva ====
Version update (2.5.0 -> 2.6.1)
Subpackages: libva-drm2 libva2

- Update to version 2.6.1
* adjust call sequence to ensure authenticate operation is
executed this patch is not needed for media-driver, but
needed for i965 driver which check authentication.
- Update to version 2.6.0:
* enable the mutiple driver selection logic and enable it for DRM.
* drm: Add iHD to driver_name_map
* Add missed slice parameter 'slice_data_num_emu_prevn_bytes'
* ensure that all meson files are part of the release tarball
* configure: use correct comparison operator
* trace: support VAConfigAttribMultipleFrame in trace
* remove incorrect field of VAConfigAttribValDecJPEG
* va/va_trace: Dump VP9 parameters for profile 1~3
* add multiple frame capability report
* add variable to indicate layer infromation
* trace: fix memory leak on closing the trace
* add prediction direction caps report
* Add comments for colour primaries and transfer characteristics in

==== libxcrypt ====
Version update (4.4.12 -> 4.4.15)

- Update to version 4.4.15
* The compatibility symbols crypt_gensalt_r, xcrypt, xcrypt_r,
xcrypt_gensalt, and xcrypt_gensalt_r are deprecated further
* Speed up ka-sunmd5 by skipping most of the test phrases
- Package and (bsc#1165389)

==== open-iscsi ====
Subpackages: iscsiuio libopeniscsiusr0_2_0

- Merged in latest upstream (2.1.1), which is mainly a bug-fix
release over 2.1.0, including changing the test suite from
shell-based to python3-based, replacing
open-iscsi.2.1.0-suse.tar.bz2 with open-iscsi-2.1.1-suse.tar.bz2
and resetting open-iscsi-SUSE-latest-diff.bz2

==== osinfo-db ====
Version update (20191125 -> 20200214)

- bsc#1165855 - Add UEFI support to the database for SLES and
openSUSE distros
- Update database to version 20200214
- Drop patch included in new tarball
- Fix the length of string for the ISO volume id (bsc#1054986)
- Fix release date of SLE12-SP5

==== permissions ====
Version update (1550_20200213 -> 1550_20200228)
Subpackages: chkstat permissions-config

- Update to version 20200228:
* chkstat: fix readline() on platforms with unsigned char
- Update to version 20200227:
* remove capability whitelisting for radosgw
* whitelist ceph log directory (bsc#1150366)
* adjust testsuite to post CVE-2020-8013 link handling
* testsuite: add option to not mount /proc
* do not follow symlinks that are the final path element: CVE-2020-8013
* add a test for symlinked directories
* fix relative symlink handling
* include cpp compat headers, not C headers
* Move permissions and permissions.* except .local to /usr/share/permissions
* regtest: fix the static PATH list which was missing /usr/bin
* regtest: also unshare the PID namespace to support /proc mounting
* regtest: bindMount(): explicitly reject read-only recursive mounts
* Makefile: force remove upon clean target to prevent bogus errors
* regtest: by default automatically (re)build chkstat before testing
* regtest: add test for symlink targets
* regtest: make capability setting tests optional
* regtest: fix capability assertion helper logic
* regtests: add another test case that catches set*id or caps in
world-writable sub-trees
* regtest: add another test that catches when privilege bits are set for
special files
* regtest: add test case for user owned symlinks
* regtest: employ subuid and subgid feature in user namespace
* regtest: add another test case that covers unknown user/group config
* regtest: add another test that checks rejection of insecure mixed-owner
* regtest: add test that checks for rejection of world-writable paths
* regtest: add test for detection of unexpected parent directory ownership
* regtest: add further helper functions, allow access to main instance
* regtest: introduce some basic coloring support to improve readability
* regtest: sort imports, another piece of rationale
* regtest: add capability test case
* regtest: improve error flagging of test cases and introduce warnings
* regtest: support caps
* regtest: add a couple of command line parameter test cases
* regtest: add another test that checks whether the default profile works
* regtests: add tests for correct application of local profiles
* regtest: add further test cases that test correct profile application
* regtest: simplify test implementation and readability
* regtest: add helpers for permissions.d per package profiles
* regtest: support read-only bind mounts, also bind-mount permissions repo
* tests: introduce a regression test suite for chkstat
* Makefile: allow to build test version programmatically
* add basic readme file that explains the repository's purpose
* chkstat: change and harmonize coding style
* chkstat: switch to C++ compilation unit
- add suse_version to end of permissions package version

==== samba ====
Version update (4.11.5+git.114.5685848b8fc -> 4.11.6+git.120.e474a78db08)
Subpackages: libdcerpc-binding0 libdcerpc0 libndr-krb5pac0 libndr-nbt0
libndr-standard0 libndr0 libnetapi0 libsamba-credentials0 libsamba-errors0
libsamba-hostconfig0 libsamba-passdb0 libsamba-util0 libsamdb0 libsmbclient0
libsmbconf0 libsmbldap2 libtevent-util0 libwbclient0 samba-client samba-libs

- Remove unused pwdutils buildrequires
- Update to samba 4.11.6
+ pygpo: Use correct method flags; (bso#14209);
+ Avoiding bad call flags with python 3.8, using METH_NOARGS
instead of zero; (bso#14209);
+ source4/utils/oLschema2ldif: Include stdint.h before cmocka.h;
+ docs-xml/winbindnssinfo: Clarify interaction with idmap_ad etc;
+ smbd: Fix the build with clang; (bso#14251);
+ upgradedns: Ensure lmdb lock files linked; (bso#14199);
+ s3: VFS: glusterfs: Reset nlinks for symlink entries during
readdir; (bso#14182);
+ smbc_stat() doesn't return the correct st_mode and also the
uid/gid is not filled (SMBv1) file; (bso#14101);
+ librpc: Fix string length checking in ndr_pull_charset_to_null();
+ ctdb-scripts: Strip square brackets when gathering connection info;

==== supportutils ====
Version update (3.1.1 -> 3.1.8)

- Addition to version 3.1.8
+ Changes affecting getappcore
- Added -u for HTTPS and -f for FTPES uploads to SUSE FTP servers
- Replaced Novell with SUSE FTP servers (bsc#1165475)
- Uses /etc/getappcore.conf if present
+ Changes affecting supportconfig
- Added missed Power collection per bsc#1162539
- Added zypper patterns output to updates.txt #66
- Addition to version 3.1.7
+ exclude /proc/pagetypeinfo as it can be an expensive operation on some
systems (bsc#1162357)
+ Readded LPM/DLPAR data for Power (bsc#1162539)
- Addition to version 3.1.6
+ Strip trailing commas from process names #64 (bsc#1156837)
+ Dynamically select compression method (bsc#1145233)
+ Updated detailed unit information fix in systemd.txt (bsc#1023308)
+ Fixed supportconig.conf man page with order placement
+ Include IPv6 routes (bsc#1089877)
- Updated to version 3.1.5
+ Removed root .snapshots directory from full file list (bsc#1154482)
- Updated to version 3.1.4
+ Removed LPM/DLPAR data for POWER (bsc#1111029)
+ prevent running 'systool -vb memory' by default on systems with 16TB or
more #57 (bsc#1127734)
+ Tumbleweed support #50
+ Added zypper orphaned packages check to updates.txt
+ Cpuset listing #52
+ Docker disunite #53
+ Added sed and gawk to spec requirements (bsc#1137336)
+ Added nstat to network
+ Add collection of livepatch information #63
+ Check for missing ldap.conf file
- Updated to version 3.1.3
+ Uses SUSE FTP servers (bsc#1132865)
+ btrfs quota #43
+ supportconfig: open-files: add file flags #44
+ Merged etc_info: Add support for .cfg files in /etc dir #46
+ Silence warning in rpm backup db collection path #47
+ Set files in tarball to 660 instead of 600 #48
+ SUSE separation finalized (bsc#1125623)
+ Default compression through xz, but -z forces bzip2
+ Updated man pages (bsc#1088234)
+ Changed VAR_OPTION_BIN_TIMEOUT_SEC from 300 to 120
+ Avoids some IO delays (bsc#1100529)
+ Corrected supported services help info for -U
+ Collects iSCSI Target information (bsc#1133844)
+ FTPES uses --ssl-reqd instead of depricated --ftp-ssl
+ Defaults to https FTP server uploads (bsc#1134599)
- Updated to version 3.1.2
+ Fixed missing sapconf and log (bsc#1081326)
+ Added timed_log_cmd to hwinfo and showmount commands (bsc#1120967)

==== systemd ====
Subpackages: libsystemd0 libudev1 systemd-logger systemd-sysvinit udev

- move html documentation to sparate package to save space
- move networkd and resolved binaries into correct subpackage

==== vim ====
Version update (8.2.0314 -> 8.2.0348)
Subpackages: vim-data-common

- Updated to version 8.2.0348, fixes the following problems
* Short name not set for terminal buffer.
* Build failure on HP-UX system.
* ex_getln.c code has insufficient test coverage.
* MSVC: _CRT_SECURE_NO_DEPRECATE not defined on DEBUG build.
* Vim9: types not sufficiently tested.
* File missing in distribution, comments outdated.
* No Haiku support.
* Vim9: ":execute" does not work yet.
* Vim9: error checks not tested.
* Vim9: calling a function that is defined later is slow.
* Text property not updated correctly when inserting/deleting.
* Ex_getln.c code not covered by tests.
* Compiler warning for using uninitialized variable. (Yegappan Lakshmanan)
* Crash when opening and closing two popup terminal windows.
* No redraw when leaving terminal-normal mode in a terminal popup window.
* Popup filter converts 0x80 bytes.
* Build error with popup window but without terminal.
* Internal error when using test_void() and test_unknown(). (Dominique Pelle)
* Some code in ex_getln.c not covered by tests.
* Terminal in popup test is flaky.
* Abort called when using test_void(). (Dominique Pelle)
* No completion for :disassemble.
* Vim9: insufficient test coverage for compiling.
* Build fails on a few systems.
* Build failure without the channel feature.
* Vim9: function return type may depend on arguments.
* Vim9: function and partial types not tested.
* Using ":for" in Vim9 script gives an error.
* Some code in ex_getln.c not covered by tests.
* Vim9: using wrong instruction, limited test coverage.
* ":def" not skipped properly.
* Compiler warning when building without the float feature.
* Vim9: finding common list type not tested.

==== wicked ====
Version update (0.6.62 -> 0.6.63)
Subpackages: wicked-service

- version 0.6.63
- spec: fix old libwicked package provides/obsoletes (bsc#1165180)
- ipv6: support to apply stable secret ifsysctl (jsc#SLE-6960)

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