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RE: [opensuse-kubic] MicroOS custom image build
Apart from image customization (like installing docker, creating a default
user, removing unwanted services, that kind of things), the cloud-init still
need to happen at some point (the ssh keys is different, depending on who is
using the image; the network has to be configured (these are the two things
that comes in my mind, right on the spot)

Regarding ignition switch...... GO !!!! :-D Used it with CoreOS, until
we decided to drop CoreOS as it will eventually (sooner than later) only be
available under OpenShift use case, which won't necessarily be our use case, or
the only one). And this is where MicroOS came into play.

I'll try your suggestion regarding ds-identify thing. It may help.



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On Wed, Mar 06, Tardif, Christian wrote:

Two questions here:
2) Providing that everything is automated and standardized, using
cloud-init NoCloud datasource is not an option (as it's unlikely we'll be
having a connected unpartitioned disk to hold the cloud-init configuration),
and I haven't been able to make the LocalDisk datasource (again, I most
probably just haven't the docs required to make it work).

Beside answers I also have some questions about this. Why do you need to
configure the image with cloud-init, if the configuration file is already part
of the image itself? Wouldn't it be easier to directly configure the image
correct at build time? Or what is your usecase here? And what do you want to
configure with it?

I'm asking because we will replace cloud-init for Non-Cloud environments with
ignition short to midterm. cloud-init is big and slows down the boot process
dramatically and has for our usecase quite some design issues.

About your problem: since MicroOS is small and boots fast (it only has very few
services), we see from time to time race conditions with some applications.
Especially ds-identify/cloud-init-generator from cloud-init have a problem here
and don't detect datasources reliable. Beside that "LocalDisk" is not yet
integrated (and most likely will not if we switch to ignition).
When you create the image, you could create a file /etc/cloud/ds-identify.cfg
with the content: "policy: enabled".
Most likely ds=nocloud or ds=localdisk could also help. But I haven't tested


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