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Re: [opensuse-kubic] MicroOS custom image build

Am Mittwoch, 6. März 2019, 17:08:33 CET schrieb Tardif, Christian:

We're starting to look at MicroOS as the base OS for our Kubernetes stacks.
And as we're now using RKE to deploy k8s, we're stuck with Docker right now.

Added to this, we have other things to customize in order to ease the OS
deployment (mostly targeting, but not limited to bare metal deployment)

Two questions here:
1) Can I (I assume yes) leverage kiwi to build a raw image (as our metal
deployer requires raw image)? If so, I haven't found how to do it in the
available docs

Yes, that should work fine. Currently we're not building any raw images for
x86_64, but for RaspberryPi and Pine64 it works. It might be enough to set
"image='oem'" in the kiwi image type. You could also convert the qcow2 images
to .raw if you don't need the automatic filesystem expansion.


2) Providing that everything is automated and standardized, using
cloud-init NoCloud datasource is not an option (as it's unlikely we'll be
having a connected unpartitioned disk to hold the cloud-init configuration),
and I haven't been able to make the LocalDisk datasource (again, I most
probably just haven't the docs required to make it work).



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