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[opensuse-kubic] Weekly Kubic Project sync meeting minutes 2018-11-13
Another week, another minutes

Meeting: Weekly Kubic Project sync meeting

Date: 2018-11-13 17:00:00 CET

Location: IRC (, #kubic channel)

Attendees (alphabetically sorted):
* fos
* marekcounts
* sysrich

Only attendees that interacted are recorded. This is an open meeting,
so the list of attendees reading could potentially be bigger

* Kubernetes 1.12 (sysrich)
<sysrich> From my side - Kubernetes, CRI-O, etc 1.12 are finally in
Kubic. We need to document the kubeadm upgrade steps for 1.11 to 1.12,
but a user following the upstream documentation will find it works
fine once the correct --cri* parameter is included. This week I'm
really hopeful to get started on my work fixing upstream k8s packaging
to be more like ours.

* Transactional Update (fos)
<fos> It may have gone unnoticed, but two weeks ago I uploaded a new
transactional-update version, which features a reworked /etc handling.
<fos> For details see,
but basically it will create one /etc overlay per snapshot, adding an
overlayfs stacking.

* Testing (sysrich)
<sysrich> There has also been tons of work on the openQA test
covearge, I was hoping Panos would be here to share that. After a
rough few weeks the tests are all green and stable again, with the
refactoring Panos' talked about last week. Test coverage is increased,
and multi-machine cluster testing is working on test machines, but
needs some polish before we can throw it in production.

* kubic-init (marekcounts)
<marekcounts> I'm working the next few weeks on some documentation for
our github on how to get involved in the init project.
<fos> marekcounts: Documentation, cool :-)
<marekcounts> yes. it will just be an initial effort, but will
hopfully kickstart the effort.
<marekcounts> yes. hopfully in the next few weeks the github page with
be more self evedent as to it's state.
<sysrich> that'll be nice, can you also look at changing kubic-o-o?
Would be nice to drop the references to the Dev setup and Velum and
replace it with a summary of what you write for kubic-init
<marekcounts> sure



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