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[opensuse-kubic] Weekly Kubic Project sync meeting minutes 2018-10-16
  • From: Rafael Fernández López <rfernandezlopez@xxxxxxx>
  • Date: Tue, 16 Oct 2018 17:11:35 +0200
  • Message-id: <20181016151135.GA6839@freedom>

Another week, another minutes.

Meeting: Weekly Kubic Project sync meeting

Date: 2018-10-16 15:00:00 UTC

Location: IRC (, #kubic channel)

Attendees (alphabetically sorted):
* ereslibre
* sysrich
* tgeek
* vrothberg

Only attendees that interacted are recorded. This is an open meeting, so the
list of attendees could potentially be bigger.


* cri-o, multi machine openQA testing (sysrich)
2018-10-16 17:00:49 sysrich o/ no news from me really this week -
cri-o 1.12 is still WIP and monitoring upstream suggests they're knocking out
the last awkward fixes. multi-machine openQA testing is progressing slowly, but
I REALLY want to have something working by the end of this week. Because I
won't be around for the next 3 weeks due to conference travel and vacation.

* kubeadm upstream work (ereslibre)
2018-10-16 17:01:11 ereslibre I'll start: I've been working
on a couple of issues upstream on kubeadm; nothing really important to share,
just upstream work

* podman container runlabel (vrothberg)
2018-10-16 17:01:53 vrothberg o/ the latest version of podman
supports runlabels via `podman container runlabel $LABEL $IMAGE`
2018-10-16 17:02:22 vrothberg This allows to execute commands
on the host specified by the image in the $LABEL.
2018-10-16 17:02:40 vrothberg I see some usecases for the
work on the Kubic init-container

* new kubic images location (tgeek)
2018-10-16 17:04:38 tgeek I notced that there have been no new
Kubic image since August. With there be any more in the future?
2018-10-16 17:05:10 tgeek specifically the ones here:
2018-10-16 17:05:41 ereslibre tgeek: the ones with the new
kubic (experimental) are here:
2018-10-16 17:05:54 tgeek thank you


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