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[opensuse-kubic] Weekly Kubic Project sync meeting minutes 2018-09-04
  • From: Rafael Fernández López <rfernandezlopez@xxxxxxx>
  • Date: Tue, 4 Sep 2018 17:53:57 +0200
  • Message-id: <20180904155357.GA9586@freedom>

Here you can find the meeting minutes of the Kubic Project weekly sync meeting.

Meeting: Weekly Kubic Project sync meeting

Date: 2018-09-04 15:16:10 UTC

Location: IRC (, #kubic channel)

Attendees (alphabetically sorted):
* ereslibre
* fos
* fvogt
* sysrich
* tgeek

Only attendees that interacted are recorded. This is an open meeting, so the
list of attendees could potentially be bigger.

* Quick round of introduction. Excerpt:
2018-09-04 17:17:40 ereslibre I'm Rafael Fernández López, an
engineer working for SUSE on Kubic/CaaS Platform
2018-09-04 17:18:17 tgeek I'm Jason Evans, a training engineer
for SUSE on CaaS Plaform and soon CAP
2018-09-04 17:18:58 sysrich I'm Richard Brown, an distribution
engineer working for on Kubic for SUSEs Future Technology Team, and Chairman of
2018-09-04 17:19:21 fos I'm Ignaz Forster, a research engineer,
amongst others working on transactional-updates
2018-09-04 17:19:30 fvogt I'm Fabian Vogt, release engineer at
SUSE and have to leave in 10 minutes...
2018-09-04 17:19:37 fos (also working for SUSE)

* Kubic init (ereslibre)
2018-09-04 17:19:39 ereslibre As for the sync meeting: we are
currently working on the Init container
( Right now, this project
lives at It calls `kubeadm` in
order to start a "seed" node that will host itself and will deploy addons on
top of it. Right now, we are facing some issues with flannel and iptables
2018-09-04 17:20:21 sysrich do you think your flannel issues might
be fixed if you used containers built against a recent Tumbleweed/Kubic?
2018-09-04 17:20:53 ereslibre sysrich: that can help; but the
issues we are experiencing are even trying to list the iptables rules on the
seed host, so I fear we have deeper issues
2018-09-04 17:21:39 sysrich oh fun :)
2018-09-04 17:22:16 ereslibre sysrich: yeah, we are still
investigating, and Michal Rosteki (another SUSE engineer, network team) will
have a look at the issues we are having with iptables

* Tumbleweed, CRI-O as default, merge docker-kubic into the main docker
package (sysrich)
2018-09-04 17:22:57 sysrich for my sync: Tumbleweed has been
suffering from a bit of a backlog after a major openQA outage a few weeks ago.
Things are just about now returning to normal, and the backlog of items
includes the changes to set CRI-O as default and merge docker-kubic into the
main docker package
2018-09-04 17:23:32 sysrich the main problem left is figuring out
how to fit the supplemental packages to configure kubeadm for CRI-O and docker
into the same FTP tree or install media, despite the fact they conflict with
each other.
2018-09-04 17:24:01 sysrich All of our sanity checks are objecting
to both packages being together, despite the fact that in reality you're only
going to every pull through one of them via the supplements dependency
2018-09-04 17:24:22 fvogt Which step blocks it?
2018-09-04 17:24:42 sysrich repo-checker installing kubic-onlyDVD
pattern; so I'm probably going to split the packages into their own patterns
tomorrow, which will obscure them from repo-checker
2018-09-04 17:25:02 fvogt Right, that's expected
2018-09-04 17:25:14 sysrich expected, maybe, annoying, also maybe ;)
2018-09-04 17:25:17 fvogt If the patterns conflict each other
they can be added to the product

* Vancouver OS Summit (sysrich)
2018-09-04 17:26:45 sysrich besides that, went to OS Summit in
Vancouver, lots of people were interested in Kubic, especially the
Transactional Update and upstream-first sides of things, which seemed to be the
thing that set us apart from all the other k8s talk.

* Transactional update (fos)
2018-09-04 17:29:20 fos Just some prospect: My plan is to have
the zypper integration ready for SLE15SP1 (and with that for CaaSP4), though
I'm not sure if I'll make it in time.
2018-09-04 17:29:36 fos I'm currently a bit distracted by other
things, but I'll try :-)
2018-09-04 17:29:53 sysrich fos, They haven't finished writing the
PRD for SLE 15 SP1, never mind interlocking it. They hope to have that wrapped
up by you have time ;)

I preferred to be more textual about the contents of the meeting. If you
believe this format is too verbose, please raise the subject and we can
adapt future minutes with a shorter version.

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