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[opensuse-kubic] Highly Experimental VM Images Available
  • From: Richard Brown <RBrownCCB@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sun, 26 Aug 2018 15:54:03 +0200
  • Message-id: <>
Hi All,

As the subject says, there are now some highly experimental disk
images available for Kubic

They're built in OBS in the devel:kubic:images:experimental project

Please read and understand the description of that repository before
diving in and playing with the images. The main reason for these
warnings are as follows

- The images are 100% not tested
- The images are not released as part of the Tumbleweed release
process, so there is always the risk of a mismatch between the images
and 'official' Tumbleweed/Kubic
- The images are known to have some discrepancies from official Kubic
- for example the partitioning is known to be different but cannot be
corrected due to limitations of our image building tooling.

I hope they're helpful but care should be made to avoid us running
around in circles hunting bugs which only exist in these images. So if
you find a bug with these images, please try and reproduce it with the
official Kubic ISO media.

The image names relate to both the system role and container runtime
in use - MicroOS images are designed to be standalone container hosts,
kubeadm images should be usable to make kubeadm clusters using the
guide on Both cri-o and docker flavours are

There are a number of build targets for the Project, and they require
some additional explanation

images -
These are built against official, released, Tumbleweed snapshots. At
time of writing they are 100% known to be BROKEN because Tumbleweed
doesn't contain the changes needed to make them work right. For
example, the images called 'cri-o' contain docker ;)

images_ARM -
Same as above, just for ARM

images_devel_kubic -
These are built against the untested, unreleased devel:kubic Project.
At time of writing these are the best images because devel:kubic
contains everything needed by the images. They'll be most likely to
break going forward, but for now they're the best images to play with
until the ones in Images get working.

images_devel_kubic_ARM -
Same as above, just for ARM.

Enjoy, and happy hacking
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